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Portray in a sentence

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Synonym: characterizedepictdescribeillustrateimpersonatepicturerepresentSimilar words: portraittransporttransportationactive transporttrayportexportimportMeaning: [pɔr'treɪ /pɔː-]  v. 1. portray in words 2. make a portrait of 3. assume or act the character of 4. represent in a painting, drawing, sculpture, or verbally. 
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1. It's grotesque to portray peace campaigners as unpatriotic.
2. He frowned and stamped his feet to portray anger.
3. He was one of the first to portray animals from the New World.
4. In his trial, he tried to portray himself as the victim of an uncaring society.
5. That's what we tried to portray in the book, this feeling of opulence and grandeur.
6. The party try to portray the prime minister as a man of the people .
7. The media portray her as happy and successful, but in reality she has a difficult life.
8. He has worked hard in recent months to portray New York in a better light.
9. The President likes to portray himself as a friend of working people.
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10. It is still not considered proper to portray Christ in a play or film.
11. Many fairy tales portray women as victims.
12. Her films portray nature in the raw.
13. The ads portray women as stupid but sexy playthings.
14. We're trying to portray normal relationships.
15. Gregory liked to portray tax as unwarranted and unjust.
16. The prophets they portray were at once more civilized than their masters and more closely in touch with the divine will.
17. These tended to portray him as being concerned with little more than his own power.
18. Many of the new novelists, in fact, portray the alienation of Western man.
19. Drawings and paintings are mainly used to portray an archaeological site at a particular point in time.
20. By 1831 the attempt to portray antislavery in parliament as an exercise in abstract moralism was absent.
21. Labour will try this week to portray itself as the party of hope, with policies on education, training and health.
22. The effort to portray Stern as a prince is relentless.
23. This chapter attempts to portray fabrics which may develop within any sediment, independent of mineralogy.
24. They do not always accurately portray the degree of damage, nor do they vouchsafe how long the damage has been there.
25. Lugar, 63, has tried to portray his life in politics as merely accidental.
26. If the Tories are seeking to portray Mr Brown as a spendthrift, they are almost certain to fail.
27. Despite the overwhelming scientific consensus supporting the existence of global warming, the media often portray it as a controversial scientific debate.
28. Such negative stereotypes are often reinforced by pervasive media images which portray the young as capable and glamorous.
29. This year, for the first time, she has discarded textbooks that portray whites as civilized and blacks as primitive.
30. For audiences at the Liverpool Playhouse it is difficult to imagine anyone who could portray the bored middle-aged housewife so well.
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