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Gustatory in a sentence

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Sentence count:23Posted:2017-02-15Updated:2017-02-15
Similar words: statutoryoratorymandatoryaleatorydilatorymigratorycrematorylaudatoryMeaning: ['gʌstətərɪ]  adj. of or relating to gustation. 
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1. The open-plan kitchen brings you both gustatory and visual pleasure.
2. However, there were no significant changes in gustatory test scores following surgery.
3. Such gustatory exotica as killer bee honey and fresh catnip sauce.
4. The bacterial protein in wastewater of gustatory production is the material of high-protein feed.
5. The gustatory sense of the taste is a mulriple consciousness, and the particularity lies in it's self-contained intentionality which laid the foundation to enter into aesthetic consciousness.
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6. Set out from the gustatory particularity and lush culture of Chinese diet, we find that the affinity relationship between gustatory and Chinese aesthetic consciousness.
7. Positive gustatory responses to the tested stimulatory compounds, except Glycine, L-proline, L-Tryptophan and L-Tyrosine, were observed.
8. Although radiotherapy may decrease the incidence of the gustatory sweating syndrome, it still may recur after radiotherapy.
9. Conclusion There was good effect to prevent gustatory sweating syndrome in parotidectomy of reserve parotid fascia.
10. The hotel regularly launching various themes Food Festival, guests enjoy the visual and gustatory pleasure.
11. Thus, the amiloride-sensitive PPK28 channel may serve as the osmolarity sensor for gustatory water reception in the fruit fly.
12. Image in terms of senses can be further divided into the following 7 types: visual image, auditory image, olfactory image, tactile image, gustatory image, kinaesthetic image and abstract image.
13. Thus, the formation of papillae is an important first step in development of the gustatory system in mammals...
14. Emphasis was laid on preventing complications and nutrition caring, and measures such as sight, hearing, olfactory and gustatory stimulation and auxiliary nursing by the independents.
15. Transversus linguae of lingual muscles are more developed. The gustatory glands are seen in radix linguae .
16. In addition, the present paper also indicated that the morphology and distribution of the oropharyngeal cavity gustatory organ of C. semilaevi are adaptations to its predatory feeding habit.
17. Human mind constantly depend on objects which are taken from visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and tactile means.
18. Objective To explore a technique for total tongue reconstruction with the functions of both gustatory sensation and movement.
19. Learn a bit of wine speak — "ripe black plums with an accent of earthy leather" — and you are suddenly equipped with anchors to pin down your fleeting gustatory impressions.
20. A taste sensor system is an array of sensors used to classify the different gustatory sensations mentioned above.
21. Whereas attractants, repellents, and many incitants are olfactory substances , stimulants, and deterrents are usually gustatory.
22. A good dish, either smelly or tasty should be pleasant in gustatory sense, and thus stimulates the appetite.
23. Because of its low acidity, Cannonau is also vinified together with other grapes, usually autochthonous, in order to improve the gustatory balance.
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