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Furtively in a sentence

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Sentence count:38Posted:2017-03-27Updated:2017-03-27
Similar words: furtiveactivelycreativelypositivelyrelativelynegativelycognitivelytentativelyMeaning: adv. in a furtive manner. 
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(1) "Psst! Come over here!" one youth hissed furtively.
(2) He glanced furtively at the stolid faces of the two detectives.
(3) She opened the door and looked furtively down the hall.
(4) As she turned away I saw him sniff furtively under his arm.
(5) They slid away furtively, the pink lids blinking.
(6) Sitting furtively with my contraband, I ruminated on whether addiction itself is considered the moral problem.
(7) They moved constantly and furtively, covering their tracks and contacting nobody.
(8) He watched a lizard scuttle furtively along the join between wall and ceiling, and disappear into a crevice.
(9) He approached the creek, looking furtively for signs of some one else.
(10) Esther's slight figure could be seen coming furtively through the door and into the recess.
(11) To peek furtively ; steal a quick glance.
(12) The soldiers were furtively crawling through the night.
(13) The old gardener looked furtively around.
(14) Simon gnawed furtively at his onion.
(15) Other eyes regarded him furtively[], for this was a violation of the rules.
(16) Certain candidates hunch over, glance furtively around the room or wring their sweaty palms.
(17) Some men, tried out with listening and applauding, furtively leaped over the walls.
(18) Remembering my presence, he furtively dropped it under his chair.
(19) Dertain candidates hunch over, glance furtively around the room or wring their sweaty palms.
(20) The cat goes furtively downstairs, winding her lithe tail and licking her lips.
(21) I furtively reconfigured the file allocation table, hid these files in a secret place and marked it as "Bad Sector".
(22) Some women furtively stash away their husband's money over the years on the pretext that it would be of some assistance if he has to die first.
(23) Certain candidates hunch over, glance furtively around the room or wring their sweaty palms. re being asked a question they can says Mr.
(24) Mcteague came and went furtively, dizzied and made uneasy by all this bustle.
(25) Tam scrabbled at each pair of legs in turn, remembering the biscuits; the more uninhibited guests kicked, furtively.
(26) He opened the door, peering out over Kirov's shoulder ant glancing furtively down the empty stairway.
(27) He penetrated houses privately , at night, he ascended staircases furtively.
(28) All the while, four-year-old Matthew was bouncing on the couch, furtively strumming the guitar he wasn't supposed to touch and talking incessantly.
(29) Moore listened at first with his eyes cast down, but soon he furtively raised them.
(30) The mystery box in Super 8 is a boxcar on a freight train speeding through Lillian one night in 1979 as some kids are furtively shooting a Super-8 movie.
More similar words: furtiveactivelycreativelypositivelyrelativelynegativelycognitivelytentativelyeffectivelycomparativelyrespectivelycollectivelyconsecutivelyalternativelyretroactivelyimaginativelylivelypensivelysubmissivelyexpansivelyexclusivelypersuasivelycompulsivelynative landpossessivelyaggressivelyabortiveunobtrusivelyassertivesupportive
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