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Functionalist in a sentence

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Similar words: functionalismfunctionalityfunctionalfunctionallydysfunctionalmultifunctionalfunctionaryproduction functionMeaning: n. an adherent of functionalism. 
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1 For example, rationalist, functionalist, and structuralist approaches take such a position.
2 So far, criticism of functionalist theories has been concerned with the view that stratification is functional.
3 The key points of the functionalist perspective may be summarized by a comparison drawn from biology.
4 The functionalist design owed much to Emberton's assistant George Fairweather.
5 This functionalist, teleological aim is inappropriate for the systematic analysis borrowed from structural linguistics.
6 That this functionalist style contains different orientations should be clear from the differences in approach and nuance between these movements.
7 The functionalist style of legal writing was greatly influenced by the work of Harold Laski.
8 Modern functionalist approaches continue to emphasize that state intervention is best explained by an impersonal logic of the development of advanced capitalism.
9 Functionalist translation theory holds new perspectives on translational action.
10 From the perspective of functionalist approaches, this thesis is to provide some practical translation strategies for C-E translation of public signs.
11 The functionalist model of industrial society was subjected to conceptual criticism.
12 The interpretation of Mannheim's project that von Schelting initiated set the scene for its incorporation into mainstream functionalist sociology.
13 That is to say,[] it may be possible to give powerful functionalist explanations of linguistic phenomena by reference to pragmatic principles.
14 The rationalization of modern life, suggest those who adopt the functionalist style, must be directly confronted.
15 However the merit of Fei's book lies in its functionalist style.
16 The second question which an opponent of dualism such as a functionalist must face, concerns the alleged privacy of the mental.
17 Alternatively the state may be relatively autonomous of the capitalist mode of production, which is appropriate for a functionalist approach.
18 But, as yet, few linguists have applied the insights from conversation analysis to functionalist studies of linguistic structure.
19 The discipline became dominated by two new theoretical models: first a functionalist theory of synchronic adaptation, and later structuralism.
20 We will now review some of the major developments from functionalist theory based on notions of culture and subculture.
21 Nevertheless, I shall argue that each theme has played an important role in shaping the functionalist style in public law.
22 New materials and digital design enable open, elliptical, curved shapes such as functionalist deformations.
23 New materials and digital design enable open, elliptical, curved shapes such as functionalist and deconstructionist deformations.
24 The author analyzes the features of TV soft news[], and applies the functionalist approach in the C-E translation of TV soft news.
25 Since a fundamental aspect of translation quality is equivalence, a functionalist approach to equivalence should be taken in translation quality assessment.
26 Scholars describe these two styles of reasoning as " formalist " and " functionalist, " respectively.
27 After analyzing key steps in the translation process, the author applies the functionalist theory to the corpus and generalizes the strategies adopted in soft news translation.
28 This thesis focuses on the C-E translation of TV soft news from the perspective of functionalist approaches.
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