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Ferret in a sentence

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Synonym: huntsearchweaselSimilar words: ferret outpreferredgarretdeterrentreferringrobespierreferris wheeltransferringMeaning: ['ferɪt]  n. 1. musteline mammal of prairie regions of United States; nearly extinct 2. domesticated albino variety of the European polecat bred for hunting rats and rabbits. v. 1. hound or harry relentlessly 2. hunt with ferrets 3. search and discover through persistent investigation. 
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1, The team is trying to ferret out missing details.
2, The police failed to ferret out the truth.
3, She nonetheless continued to ferret about for possible jobs.
4, She's determined to ferret out the truth.
5, Can you ferret out how to mend the thing?
6, I leave it to the reader to ferret these out.
7, He is determined to ferret out the truth about what happened.
8, It's been difficult for reporters to ferret out the facts in this case.
9, The new program is meant to ferret out problem cops.
10, In my view nothing betters a good ferret box.
11, Now for the first time the ferret can progress beyond the rabbit and get at its head.
12, Wait until a ferret fitted with a transmitter has taken up a fixed position down a burrow.
13, The ferret can drink and will live a long time should it escape.
14, The black footed ferret is now extinct in the wild due to canine distemper virus, probably introduced by domestic dogs.
15, It has one reporter who does nothing but ferret out supposed left-wing involvement in the membership of any organization the Tribune dislikes.
16, Typical ferret hutch with low-level doors for easy access and cleaning.
17, He was most terribly afraid of the ferret,( but he loved it with all his heart.
18, The advantage of a muzzled ferret is that it can not kill a rabbit.
19, The most likely is that the ferret has somehow shed her muzzle and has then killed a rabbit.
20, If the muzzle has been properly tied the ferret will be free to lick but not to bite.
21, The white ferret, for example, is more visible, while the polecat is less so.
22, Though not, of course, the one he'd just come up because the ferret was still down there in hot pursuit.
23, This picks up the transmitter's signal and makes it audible to our ears when the ferret is within range.
24, After a few days its rightful owner came to collect it and informed her that it was in fact a ferret.
25, Before dispatching the rabbit it is necessary to induce the ferret to release its hold.
26, It is your bad luck if the warren you choose to ferret is one of these.
27, Some dry leaves or grass scattered at the base of the pit will provide the ferret with some comfort.
28, Their exact location can be determined by using the line ferret with or without a transmitter fitted to its collar.
29, He is restricted in the amount of travel allowed to him since most ferret lines are only 12 yards long.
30, A pit trap dug close to the entrance with a bait positioned to lure the ferret.
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