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Leeuwenhoek in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2016-12-13Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: the greenhouse effecttwentiethenhanceinhospitablefleegleesleeksleepMeaning: n. Dutch pioneer microscopist who was among the first to recognize cells in animals and who gave the first accurate descriptions of microbes and spermatozoa and blood corpuscles (1632-1723). 
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1. The comparison made me start thinking like Leeuwenhoek.
2. Cohen spent yearsreviewing all the research, from Leeuwenhoek on.
3. On the same evening that the spirit of Leeuwenhoek tells me the secret of the perfect lens, I find the diamond I need to create it.
4. The moment Van Leeuwenhoek gazed into his pond water was the moment that microbiology was born.
5. Van Leeuwenhoek unlocked for mankind the world of the minute.
6. The father of microscopy, Anton van Leeuwenhoek of Holland, started as an apprentice in a dry goods store where magnifying glasses were used to count the threads in cloth.
7. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, pioneering microscopist, observed in 1702 that dry sediments of "animalcules", expected to be dead, were brought back to life when exposed to rain water.
8. "How can I create the perfect lens?" Leeuwenhoek wrote back: "Find a diamond of one hundred and forty carats.
9. They often relied on the samemethod Leeuwenhoek used for his studies: withdrawal, or coitus interruptus.
10. Van Leeuwenhoek was interested in improving the lenses that were used in making microscopes.
11. Pressing the glass to his eyelike a jeweler, Leeuwenhoek watched his own animalcules swim about, lashingtheir long tails.
12. Leeuwenhoek and others began microscopic observations at the same time.
13. No one believes I spoke to the spirit of Leeuwenhoek.
14. It is interesting to note that magnifying lenses were used by Bacon in the late 1200s, but had never been focused on a drop of water until the 1600s by Leeuwenhoek.
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15. Its lens, no bigger than a small raindrop, magnified objects hundreds of times. Leeuwenhoek had made it himself; nobody else had one so powerful.
16. Boyle's Law, which led to the development of chemistry, was discovered in 1662; Leeuwenhoek and others began microscopic observations at the same time.
17. "Before six beats of the pulse hadintervened, " as he later wrote to the Royal Society of London, Leeuwenhoek wasexamining his perishable sample through a tiny magnifying glass.
18. The eventual tally will depend on the choicesindividual couples make when they engage in that most intimate of human acts, the one Leeuwenhoek interrupted so carelessly for the sake of science.
19. I was sure that an ignorant woman like Madame Vulpes would not know who Leeuwenhoek was.
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