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Diffraction in a sentence

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Sentence count:257Posted:2017-02-05Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: fractionfractiousattractionpractitionerinteractionactionfactionreactionMeaning: [-kʃn]  n. when light passes sharp edges or goes through narrow slits the rays are deflected and produce fringes of light and dark bands. 
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1. This figure may suggest colour by ocular diffraction.
2. Two of the pioneers of X-ray diffraction were William Bragg and his elder son, Lawrence.
3. X-ray diffraction and spectroscopic techniques continue to provide important clues, leading towards an understanding of the remarkable specificity of enzymatic catalysis.
4. Diffraction occurs with all types of radiation, including radio-waves, light waves and X-rays.
5. The second half of the chapter introduces electron diffraction with a focus on transmission electrons.
6. It is complementary to low energy electron diffraction, which probes long range order - ie a minimum domain size of 100-200A/9.
7. Today crystal structures are analyzed by computer-controlled x-ray diffraction equipment.
8. The diffraction patterns of fresh crystals extend to 2.6 resolution, but radiation damage rapidly reduces their quality.
9. Absorption and diffraction could help industrial researchers get a better handle on the materials they use.
10. Diffraction, too, occurs in light waves.
11. Studied the read method for equal diffraction efficiency image.
12. Lustre is the integral effect of reflection and diffraction.
13. Diffraction is the bending of light around an obstacle.
14. The uncertainty principle can account for diffraction.
15. Another important wave phenomenon is diffraction.
16. Secondly, the hologram has higher diffraction efficiency as the exposure times decrease.
17. In this paper, using the generalized HuygensFresnel diffraction integral, the focusing properties of twisted GaussianSchell model beams through an aperture lens have been studied in detail.
18. The results show that diffraction efficiency of a lossless grating increases with the higher ratio of reference beam width to object beam width.
19. X-ray powder diffraction(XRD) has been used to study the orientation of alkyl quaternary ammonium ion in the interlayer of products.
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20. Diffraction is the bending, spreading and interference of waves when they pass by an obstruction or through a gap.
21. The obvious question becomes: is this diffraction limited or not?
22. One of the simplest is an ionic crystal like sodium chloride, the first mineral analyzed after the discovery of x-ray diffraction.
23. Crystal cleanliness and crystallinity were checked by Auger electron spectroscopy and low energy electron diffraction, respectively.
24. Dispersive instruments use prisms or gratings to separate radiation of different frequencies, by refraction or diffraction.
25. In a multi-component disordered solid like soda-lime-silica glass a single spherically averaged diffraction pattern is quite inadequate.
26. Ge Si strained layers were characterized with double crystal X ray diffraction, secondary ion mass spectroscopy and spreading resistance. The Ge content in the epilayers was found to be homogeneous.
27. For infrared optical systems a point spread function is calculated in terms of the spot diagram obtained through geometrical ray trace or the theory of Kirchhoff diffraction.
28. Generally it is very difficult to tackle the problems aroused from differences in crystallinity of clay minerals and preferred orientation in quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis of clay minerals.
29. The test problem is the initial stage of a two-dimensional diffraction and reflection of a plane shock wave, impinging on a rectangular obstacle.
30. The configuration, performance of the Fresnel zone plate and the diffraction experiment result of the zone plate to coherent light are presented.
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