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Lash in a sentence

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Synonym: beatblowfloghitstrikewhipSimilar words: flashclashslashsplashslashedeyelashsplashedbacklashMeaning: [læʃ]  n. 1. any of the short curved hairs that grow from the edges of the eyelids 2. leather strip that forms the flexible part of a whip 3. a quick blow delivered with a whip or whiplike object. v. 1. beat severely with a whip or rod 2. lash or flick about sharply 3. strike as if by whipping 4. bind with a rope, chain, or cord. 
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(1) Lash the scenery up ready for the next act.
(2) Lash the two pieces of wood together to make them stronger.
(3) The punishment was twenty strokes of the lash.
(4) She would suddenly lash out at other children.
(5) The waves lash the rocks.
(6) The lash struck him across the back.
(7) Let's lash out and have champagne.
(8) The punishment for disobedience was the lash.
(9) The coachman had a thin lash.
(10) With a lash of its tail, the lion sprang at its prey.
(11) The sales team came under the lash for poor results.
(12) This is no time to lash out on a new stereo.
(13) With a powerful lash of its tail(, the fish jumped out of the net and back into the river.
(14) With a lash of its tail the tiger leaped at her.
(15) He received a lash of her hand on his cheek.
(16) Lash the piece of wood to the pole to make it longer.
(17) We had to lash the cargo to the ship's deck during the storm.
(18) The end of the lash just touched her forehead.
(19) And yet Roosevelt was not spared the lash of critical analysis.
(20) He wanted to run, to hit out, to lash at this evil apparition.
(21) He began to flog Luke unmercifully, bringing the lash down across back, buttocks and legs again and again.
(22) The people applaud politely when speakers lash out at Gov.
(23) These poles will be easier to carry if we lash them together with a rope.
(24) She went quiet for a moment while she summoned up the words to lash him.
(25) Gallagher brought his arm back and over and laid the lash across Luke's bare back.
(26) Maybelline, with 1994 revenue of $ 352. 6 million, makes Great Lash mascara and Revitalizing makeup.
(27) Thunder he flatten ears, lightning he blind eyes, rain he lash flesh, wind he freeze skin.
(28) Blackburn Rovers have spent £10 million so far and seem willing to lash out even more on overpriced players.
(29) It slid to the base of the mast so we could lash down the flapping canvas with extra sail ties.
(30) She would always be bad-tempered, liable to peck out an eye or lash out dangerously with those sharp claws.
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