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Expound in a sentence

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Synonym: clarifydemonstrateexplainilluminatelecturepresentteachSimilar words: compoundround and roundexposeexportexposureroundaroundgroundMeaning: [ɪk'spaʊnd]  v. 1. add details, as to an account or idea; clarify the meaning of and discourse in a learned way, usually in writing 2. state. 
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1 Schmidt continued to expound his views on economics and politics.
2 Why not get a diviner to expound my dream?
3 What he has tried to expound in this article bears on a key problem in our economic reform.
4 She uses her newspaper column to expound her views on environmental issues.
5 Fortunately, he can expound in more than a sound bite.
6 She expounded the Scriptures to her nuns, she will expound them now to her disciples.
7 I would like you to expound.
8 Chapter Six expound my gaining and betterment ideal.
9 Expound the different four gradations of Marx's production labor theory.
10 This article expound from emotion angle, discusses relation between environment and emotion , brings emotion design tactics ultimately.
11 Method: Illustrate and expound the directive effect of a system thinking and its optimal principle on clinical rational use of drugs with examples.
12 Chapter four, to expound the execution and significance of the Chinese - teaching interaction.
13 Please expound the reasons why you wanna join the XueLang ski club Confraternity.
14 This paper intends to expound some important definitions and conclusions in real variable function by using algebraic operation, thus making a new approach to the use of computers in this field.
15 After that,( the thesis sets out to expound Poe's emphasis on musicality in poetry and its influence on French Symbolism.
16 The two effects are expound, especially the vacuity desire for FG5 absolute gravimeter that is 1.
17 Through analysis on coal formation and system, expound the change regulation of Boli coal field.
18 Adam Smith and Marx expound respectively the issue of primitive accumulation from different angles.
19 Those who apply the rule to particular cases, must of necessity expound and interpret that rule.
20 Whoever thoroughly understands a principle should be able to expound it intelligibly so that other people, non-experts, should understand it as well.
21 "To me, Clark Rent in a phone booth and Houdini in a packing crate, they were one and the same thing, " he would learnedly expound at WonderCon or Angouleme or to the editor of The Comics Journal.
22 Though contrasting the traditional teaching mood and the evidence-based medicine (EBM) teaching mood, we expound the importance of EBM in endodontics.
23 To draw forth an new concept "mixed law "coming from combining of case law and code law, and to expound the advantages and development tendency of "mixed law".
24 I have a firm position against violence of any kind. All of my comments are posted with such a philosophy and to expound such a philosophy.
25 Based on the analysis of safety braking of TE130 hydraulic station, expound the application of the basic rules of the hydraulic transmission system in practice.
26 The first part is the East African Community before 1977; in this part we expound the reasons for setting up the East African Community, the role and the reasons for the dissolution.
27 This paper, by analyzing the meaning, scope of application and the insurer's right of subrogation under seller's contingency insurance, tries to expound this special kind of marine cargo insurance.
28 The use of hydrodynamics in mines is introduced, and expound the significance of hydrodynamics.
29 This paper introduces the practical application of PLC and PT in the double disk friction brick press transformation, and expound the ways to realize the control system and its advantages.
30 Study encoding Fiber Bragg Grating sensing system by experiment and expound its market application.
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