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Erode in a sentence

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Synonym: break upcorrodedisintegraterustwear awaySimilar words: rodcodemodemodelmodestwoodenexplodeepisodeMeaning: [ɪ'rəʊd]  v. 1. become ground down or deteriorate 2. remove soil or rock. 
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1. The pressure towards uniformity constantly threatens to erode local traditions.
2. The value of the dollar began to erode rapidly just around this time.
3. A bad apology will erode intimacy.
4. High interest rates can gradually erode profit margins.
5. They say that it could erode existing arms control agreements and lead to a new arms race.
6. A strong president would further erode the power of the Congress.
7. Several forces have combined to erode Congress' determination to slash foreign affairs spending.
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8. The highlights films erode appreciation for the various beauties of the game, some of which are small and patient.
9. If the river is not controlled, it will erode its banks as well as the surrounding farm land.
10. Sudden movements in exchange and interest rates can erode profit margins, strain your cashflow and shrink overall profits.
11. Then, as in any strike, solidarity tends to erode as time goes by.
12. Wind and spring floods erode soils, exposing underlying layers and premiering new compositions of humus and minerals on the surface.
13. Such ideological conflicts overlap traditional party lines and erode traditional party loyalties.
14. Myth No. 5: Individual accounts will erode political support for social insurance.
15. The net effect of comet impacts is to erode the Moon, not add mass.
16. Will a rush of aspiring new producers erode that attractive margin?
17. A cooling economy reduces the risk inflation will erode the value of bonds' interest and principal payments.
18. Not only do property values erode and tax revenues dip.
19. That, he says, would erode the value of any exclusive agreement with Quaker.
20. We hope our health workers will gradually erode the fabric of their deception.
21. America's belief in its own God-ordained uniqueness started to erode.
22. Slow economic growth reduces the likelihood inflation will accelerate and erode the value of bonds' fixed payments.
23. The cost of planning delays With current levels of interest can rapidly erode profit margins.
24. Down those featureless slopes the rainwater drained[], forming streams and rivers that began to erode the rock.
25. They also reasoned that the costs of maintaining access to very large collections would erode funds available for new acquisitions.
26. This inability to translate pressure into points seemed to erode their tenacity and the forwards, in particular, lost concentration.
27. Flubbed high notes or an obvious memory lapse during an important opening-night performance can erode a reputation.
28. Houllier had matches in hand, but fixture congestion threatened to erode this advantage.
29. The long-term impact of such an approach can only be to reduce our competitiveness and erode our economic position.
30. In an area with such rapid changes in temperature as to erode hard rock into sand, soft shells would not have survived.
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