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Equilateral in a sentence

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Similar words: equilibriummutilateafter allliterallyequivocatelaterlater onliterateMeaning: n. a figure whose sides are all equal. adj. having all sides or faces equal. 
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(1) Use your protractor to construct an equilateral triangle.
(2) Its outline roughly forms an equilateral triangle.
(3) The angles are equal, for ABC is equilateral.
(4) The regular hexagon comprises six radial equilateral triangles.
(5) The equilateral triangle already proclaimed the magic of 3.
(6) The tetrahedron has four faces[], each an equilateral triangle.
(7) Equilateral pyramid, concise power, an impulsive force of view.
(8) The demand curve is thus an equilateral hyperbola.
(9) When trimer and hexamer show the equilateral triangle shapes, they will be more stable than other kinds of shapes.
(10) Polygon SUVNPQ is equilateral and equiangular and TWOR is a rectangle.
(11) The spacecraft will orbit the sun as an equilateral triangle with sides of 5 million km.
(12) In the geometrical figures of equilateral triangles or scalene triangles, the semantic view, pragmatic view and cognitive theory view have played a profound and catalytic function.
(13) However, one who demonstrates this for scalene or equilateral triangles does so from principles that are necessarily not first principles.
(14) Take for an equilateral Triangle -- who represents with us a Tradesman of the respectable class.
(15) An equilateral triangle cannot be dissected into finitely many incongruent equilateral triangles.
(16) Our Middle Class consists of Equilateral or Equal - Sided Triangles.
(17) An equilateral triangle would be formed with its associated 60 degree angle.
(18) Buckling of an equilateral double - cone - frustums shell is studied when it is bulged.
(19) An equilateral triangle has all sides equal and all angles equal.
(20) Three - sided equilateral triangle that can be customized by dragging any selection handle.
(21) A regular icosahedron: a solid having 20 plane faces, all of them equilateral triangles. 3.
(22) The Vesica piscis On the diameter of a circle an equilateral triangle is described centrally such that its apex just touches the circumference.
(23) These two lie close together, and make up an equilateral triangle with Zeta Puppis and Lambda Velorum.
(24) A six - pointed star formed by extending each of the sides of regular hexagon into equilateral triangles.
(25) In this paper, we discuss a new method for camera self- calibration based on a plane pattem of equilateral - dodecagon.
(26) Conclusions In general, endometrial cavity is mostly isosceles triangle or equilateral triangle.
(27) If you test by lengths of the triangle's sides, possible types are equilateral, isosceles, or scalene.
(28) When designing tests for this, you immediately see three classes of input and output values: scalene, equilateral, and isosceles.
(29) Bridge of the nose high and straight, from Biduan to Erjian and for the equilateral triangle.
(30) Find the total surface area of the hollow triangular prism below. Both triangles are equilateral triangle.
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