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Gizzard in a sentence

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Sentence count:20Posted:2017-03-27Updated:2017-03-27
Similar words: blizzardbuzzardpizzahazardwizardhazardoushaphazardgizmoMeaning: ['gɪzə(r)d]  n. thick-walled muscular pouch below the crop in many birds and reptiles for grinding food. 
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1. The neck, wings, gizzard, and carcass should always be saved and reserved for making stock.
2. The gizzard was adjacent to the stomach and lined with hard plates and sandpaper-like surfaces.
3. From here it travels to the muscular gizzard.
4. It'sticks in my gizzard to do so.
5. It'stuck in his gizzard to have to apologize.
6. Nanjing man is dried duck gizzard relatives and friends, and also the curiosa of tea table,( .
7. He said his wife was always fretting her gizzard about something.
8. Maximal allometric growths, of the gizzard , proventriculus, liver, small intestine and pancreas were 1.5,2,2.3,3 and 6-fold greater than that of the body.
9. The deli prepares many food with duck's gizzard , which is very popular.
10. Chyme pH in crop, proventriculus and gizzard increase gradually with age.
11. She also said that the Department would re-investigate the situation if evidence arose of a further outbreak of the gizzard worm infection.
12. Remove the wing tips and reserve with the neck and gizzard for a stock.
13. If swallowed, the substance rapidly breaks down in the swan's gizzard, and passes out with no harm done.
14. The measured entrails include heart, liver, spleen, esophagus, glandular stomach, gizzard, intestine, pancreas, trachea and cholecyst.
15. But that but cher was waiting on the dock to slice my gizzard.
16. The division of the stomach in birds that secretes digestive enzymes and passestheto the gizzard.
17. But that fragment of talk lodged , thick, in his small gizzard.
18. The notion that the kitchen is woman's place has long stuck in her gizzard.
19. The chemical composition and pharmacological effects of MODZ is similar with the membrane of chicken gizzard.
20. A hollow digestive organ, especially the stomach of certain insects or the gizzard of a bird.
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