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Ellipse in a sentence

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Sentence count:111Posted:2017-03-15Updated:2017-03-15
Synonym: ovalSimilar words: eclipsesolar eclipseellipticallip-syncslipshodsolipsismfilliplollipopMeaning: [ɪ'lɪps] n. a closed plane curve resulting from the intersection of a circular cone and a plane cutting completely through it. 
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1, The Earth orbits in an ellipse.
2, A circle is multi-fold, whereas an ellipse has two-fold symmetry.
3, The circle is a special case of the ellipse in which the two axes are equal in length.
4, At any point on the ellipse between apogee and perigee a spacecraft will have both a horizontal and a radial velocity.
5, Folding of square, pentagon, ellipse, spider and tetrahedron.
6, Half ellipse head and tine end of the turning vane cause the lower pressure loss and aerodynamic noise than the hemicycle end.
7, Planets orbit the sun in oval-shaped paths called ellipses, and the sun is slightly off to the side of the center of each ellipse.
8, A prolate spheroid is generated by revolving an ellipse about its major axis.
9, Abstract For multi - ellipse detection , this paper proposed a randomized fast detection approach.
10, It makes centering theory from circle section to ellipse section, which approaches to the section of turnery log.
11, Squish the ellipse to about half the size.
12, Capacitors with round or ellipse carapace and bolt under bottom can all be tested.
13, Draw a Radial Gradient ellipse like you did for the ladybug drop shadow.
14, On the polygon, ellipse and circle can be filled.
15, Face moment computation for ellipse fitting complete source code, has been tested.
16, He was unable to differentiate even between the circle and the ellipse.
17, A circle will knit as a circle not an ellipse, a square, a square not a rectangle and so one.
18, By using the generalized support function, we reckon the mean distance of two points of circle, rectangle and ellipse, and deduct the idiographic process.
19, But in the practical engineering problems, the lubricant entrainment sometimes corresponds with the major axis of the ellipse, and is sometimes at an angle to the minor axis .
20, The eccentricity property measures the ratio of the minor axis major axis of a bounding ellipse.
21, The waterproofing layer and the film can be made in quadrate, ellipse or polygon.
22, In this paper the authors present a new recurrence algorithm for super ellipse, para ellipse, hypocycloid and special kind of curves.
23, In 0.4Qi flow condition, the radial force component on single volute pump change with time t cycle were similar to sine curve and cosine curve,( the tracks of the vibration system is a ellipse.
24, The formula to calculate the diameter of branch pipes and ellipse girth was given when the diameter of main pipe is known or reverse to resolve, discussed calculation accuracy.
25, The article analyses the method to obtain the coordinate of ellipse building, then sets forth the enforcement way of coordinate laying-out method with the intelligences total station instrument.
26, By using power series expansion method, the integrand is expressed as the form of a series, and then the ellipse integral is expressed as a series through simple integration.
27, In this paper, how the center of the circle of the ellipse is introduced. The conjugate diameters as well as the major and minor axis are made.
28, When we view a circle at an angle, we see an ellipse.
29, The way to process non-arc curves was discussed. Illustrating ellipse and sinusoid curves, the coordinate conversion and programming in the process of using macro command were stated.
30, A directing technique is described to define the refractive index ellipse of the end face for SPSM fiber, particularly, for Bow-Tie fiber, by etching method.
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