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Electroplating in a sentence

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91. The effects of ultrasonic on the tin - bismuth alloy electroplating are studied.
92. The electrolyte would also be changed by the electroplating process and would cause the pickoff to give erroneous results.
93. Electroplating Drying treatment for Watchcase, Tableware, Silverware and Metal parts after Electroplating.
94. In this paper, interference mechanism of complex anion exchange of dicyan in electroplating waste water system has been studied through X-ray scattering , SEM and chemical method.
95. The invention relates to the waste gas treating field of electroplating industry, in particular to a waste gas treating system. The waste gas treating system comprises a gas scrubbing tower.
96. It has a remarkable effect in treating chromium containing wastewater and zinc, copper, cadmium cyanide, phosphorous, oil, etc. in mixed electroplating wastewater.
97. New technological process to extract copper powder and nickel sulfate from electroplating sludge was reported in this paper, and the economic barometer of technology procedures was examined in test.
98. Chromium electrodeposit with high hardness, wearability, corrosion resistance and distinctive appearance was widely applied in electroplating sector.
99. Electroplating technological parameter includes factors of ampere density, temperature, PH value, stir, negative and positive pole. The maximum influencing factor is ampere density.
100. The bath formula of Sn-Bi alloy electroplating was improved by condition experiment and orthonormal test.
101. Buffing Compounds, Electro, Lustre, Metal Rouge, Electroplating Metals and alloys.
102. The feature of ion exchange vaporization-concentration process used to dispose wastewater produced by electroplating, as well as running effects are introduced.
103. The major advantages and disadvantages of trivalent chromium electroplating were introduced.
104. The advanced DYNA - CHROME electroplating technology for automotive shock absorber rod was introduced in detail.
105. In this paper, we study the cyclic scheduling problem for electroplating lines where products are loaded into the system at one end and unloaded at the other end.
106. Pure nickel deposits were obtained from the traditional Watt nickel plating bath by pulse electroplating.
107. The discharging board is dimidiate structure, with electroplating hard chrome on the surface. It is easy to be repaired and lengthen the useful time.
108. Major Application: Chelating agent in non - cyanide electroplating.
109. Single arm type electroplating device: Suitable for extremely small and light articles to electroplate.
110. Of the total industrial cadmium use, 90 % is utilized in electroplating and pigments.
111. The process of acidic Sn - Bi alloy electroplating was developed by Hull cell tests.
112. DE-81(3) alkaline zincate electroplating process has the advantages of high current density per unit area, high productivity, high tolerance to metal impurities in plating bath, etc.
113. The binding forces of bead wire with rubber at various technology parameters in the producing process of electroplating copper on bead wire were studied.
114. Dithionic acid and metal dithionate salts are potentially useful sources of soluble metal ions and electrolytes for electroplating solutions.
115. Electroplating wastewater and lead is treated by the combined processes of neutralization,[] chemical sedimentation and filtration.
116. Quality requirement and control criteria of water for rinse and bath make - up in electroplating is described.
117. Tin and its alloy electroplating have been widely adopted in electronic industry for their excellent corrosion resistance and solderability .
118. By Hull cell test, a kind of anion surfactant and nitrogen heterocyclic compound was chosen as a additive for pulse non-cyanide silver electroplating.
119. Different metals are separated from the electroplating sludge by roasting and copper, nickel and chromium were recovered with suitable methods such as removing iron by sodium jarosite precipitation.
120. Besides, said electroplating guiding installation can be also equipped with a planetary stirring device, therefore its stirring effect is good, and the energy source can be saved.
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