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Dissenter in a sentence

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Sentence count:27Posted:2017-03-20Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: contestantdissidentobjectorprotesterSimilar words: dissentdissentingdissensionquintessentialpresenterdysenterydissectdissembleMeaning: [-tə]  n. a person who dissents from some established policy. 
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1. Dissenter Donald Ross was appointed by President Nixon.
2. Scalia was a dissenter in that case as well.
3. One could say that he was the dissenter in an age of ... romantic anarchy.
4. One who disagrees; a dissenter.
5. The lone dissenter was the NZD/USD which saw fresh 0.7435 lows as the body count from yesterday's earthquake grew.
6. With the senior "liberal" justice, John Paul Stevens, retired, Hurley asks whether Breyer will take over as the lead "dissenter in chief.
7. Because of having less share and the dissenter to controlling shareholders, the minority shareholders are extremely easy to become the object being infringed on.
8. Justice Alito was also the lone dissenter in United States v. Stevens, last year's decision striking down a ban on videos and other depictions of animal cruelty.
9. Tower of London ( 1597 ) Catholic dissenter John a rope stretched from the Tower a getaway rowboat.
10. Presidential economic advisor Andrei Illarionov, the lone dissenter in the Kremlin on most aspects of its economic policy, has resigned, Russian news agencies reported Tuesday.
11. The only loud dissenter was Venezuela, whose envoy urged America and its allies to call off "invasion plans against Libya".
12. The role of the dissenter is not for the weak - kneed.
13. One prominent dissenter, Nikolas Salagiannis(, said the reshuffle had generated a slim hope.
14. Known as "The Great Dissenter, " he wrote Supreme Court opinions that continue to shape American jurisprudence.
15. It was also a positive term with none of the negative connotations of Nonconformist or Dissenter.
16. But in practice, if most countries want to go ahead with something, they may well ignore a lone dissenter.
17. As a Nonconformist he was not admitted to the BA degree until 1857, the first dissenter to be admitted.
18. A later residence in Northamptonshire was licensed in 1673 for dissenter meetings, in spite of his earlier bad reputation there.
19. In this way, Galileo is a force for democracy, becomes Galileo the " dissenter. "
20. After telling their hapless targets that there is "no pressure" to take part, the environmental organizers press a magic button, and presto, another dissenter liquidated — literally.
21. It's important in building our organizational machines not to exclude the dissenter, the"Outsider", the non-conformist.
22. Tiunov seems to be one of a new breed of Russian dissenter: a young, smart, iPhone-wielding professional, tech-savvy enough to understand the power of the internet and to use it to his advantage.
23. I don't consider a person to be disreputable just because he is a dissenter.
24. The two parties disprove the theory of the other,(Sentence dictionary) but unite in persecute the dissenter.
25. But there was an immediate price, as the lone dissenter from Prime Minister Papandreou's parliamentary party was quickly dispelled.
26. Few dissent shareholders can ask the company purchase the shares with fair price and leave the company, and this is the appraisal right of dissenter.
27. Some studies have found conformity can be reduced from highs of 97% on a visual judgement task down to only 36% when there is a competent dissenter in the ranks .
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