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Dispense in a sentence

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Synonym: allotdeal outdistributegive outgrantissueSimilar words: dispensabledispensationindispensableexpensedispeldisperserecompensedispersedMeaning: [dɪ'spens]  v. 1. administer or bestow, as in small portions 2. grant a dispensation; grant an exemption 3. give or apply (medications). 
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1. Let's dispense with the formalities , shall we?
2. Judges and law courts dispense justice justly.
3. Their role was to dispense even-handed justice.
4. I think we can dispense with the formalities .
5. Debit cards dispense with the need for cash altogether.
6. We'd dispense with charity drives.
7. Can we dispense with the formalities?
8. He is not yet well enough to dispense with the pills.
9. Ann suggested that they dispense with speeches altogether at the wedding.
10. We shall have to dispense with the car; we can't afford it.
11. They've had to dispense with a lot of luxuries since Mike lost his job.
12. Let's dispense with the formalities and get down to work.
13. Let's dispense with formalities!
14. Private industry uses them to dispense nutrition information.
15. Pharmacists can sometimes dispense emergency supplies of prescription-only medicines.
16. Dispense with the liquor, get himself together.
17. Would it be better to dispense with them altogether?
18. We could dispense some justice and hang him from the bowsprit to save the courts the trouble.
19. Being able to dispense with the services of an interpreter is a big incentive to fluency.
20. We can quickly dispense with the crude mythology, but I like the concept of apparent
21. Asked to do little more than dispense evil sneers at intervals, Sutherland does just that.
22. The court would have power to dispense with the non-owner's consent if justified.
23. Given the power of the managerial hierarchy to dispense or withhold rewards, open acts of defiance expose individuals to reprisal.
24. For two weeks, the cash machine was unable to dispense money.
25. Needless to say, cigarette vending machines in the United States dispense packs of 20.
26. I really would have to acquire a few pairs of stockings, and dispense with my poodle anklets.
27. Some of the banks have now installed machines which not only dispense cash but also accept payments.
28. The exam measures knowledge and competence to operate standard ophthalmic equipment and fit, adjust and dispense eyeglasses.
29. It was possible, of course, that she wanted to dispense tea and sympathy, but he had his doubts.
30. They built a temple in a side-street to house their Holy Books and to dispense hospitality.
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