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Condense in a sentence

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Synonym: compressconcentratereducesqueezeAntonym: enlargeexpandrarefywidenSimilar words: condensationcondescensiondensedespondentrespondentcondemnconsensuscorrespondentMeaning: [kən'dens]  v. 1. undergo condensation; change from a gaseous to a liquid state and fall in drops 2. make more concise 3. remove water from 4. cause a gas or vapor to change into a liquid 5. become more compact or concentrated 6. develop due to condensation 7. compress or concentrate. 
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1. We have learnt how to condense serious messages into short, self-contained sentences.
2. He managed to condense his. letter of application to one page.
3. I'd like to condense that statement still further.
4. The solution is to abbreviate, contract and condense.
5. The bubbles condense into droplets which attach to salt crystals and other particles in the atmosphere and eventually form clouds.
6. Living organisms such as water hyacinth can condense dilute impurities in water into aconcentrationwith economic value.
7. Serious answer: Condense the soup by boiling off half its water content.
8. Well, the chromosomes condense, which is when they first become visible under the microscope.
9. How could he condense all he had lived through into a sixty-minute speech?
10. Even argon may condense on Uranus and Neptune to form a thin haze above the methane cloud layer.
11. The vapour might condense and fall on the slopes as a new sort of lubricant snow.
12. When my turn comes I condense my spiel and show my three-by-five card.
13. Water vapors can condense to form clouds.
14. Condense this paragraph into a few sentences.
15. The essay is too wordy,[] you'd better condense it.
16. Clouds condense and drench our stone walled hut.
17. Use: Used to wash, condense and whiten the pulp.
18. The condense of alkylphenol and EO.
19. This causes more and more water vapour to condense.
20. Methylation of chromatin causes it to condense.
21. One that condenses, especially an apparatus to condense vapor.
22. Goldstone - mode may condense in the color - flavor - locked ( CFL ) phase matter.
23. The less volatile portions of vapor condense in bubbling through the liquid on the plate, overflow to the next lower plate, and ultimately back into the reboiler.
24. When temperatures approach freezing, water vapor from the outside air will condense on the outdoor coil and freeze.
25. Tritium has a higher freezing point than water and so could condense into a fine mist indistinguishable from normal fog.
26. It not only blocks any soffit vents but can cause water vapor to condense into water any time of the year.
27. The review deals with undergraduate courses and manages to condense a great deal of material into a concise and readable form.
28. The cold clouds seen at 100 micrometres are large and diffuse, evidently just beginning to condense under their own gravity.
29. But it soon came to be realized that any breakaway plasma would disperse into the void rather than condense into solid bodies.
30. can take a group a couple of evenings to itemize, condense and prioritize.
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