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Delicately in a sentence

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Synonym: exquisitelyfinefinelySimilar words: delicatedelicatessendeliberatelydelicacyduplicatereplicateimplicatecomplicatedMeaning: adv. in a delicate manner. 
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1. There are highly sensitive and delicately balanced ecosystems in the forest.
2. We received a delicately worded refusal of our invitation.
3. He stepped delicately over the broken glass.
4. The pudding was delicately flavoured with vanilla.
5. She was a shy, delicately pretty girl with enormous blue eyes.
6. The pickpocket delicately relieved him of his wallet.
7. The tailor delicately plied his needle.
8. Pollution can have disastrous effects on the delicately balanced ecosystem.
9. She picked her way delicately over the rough ground.
10. The wines of Alsace are dry and delicately flavoured.
11. This puts us on a delicately balanced see-saw.
12. She glanced at Miss Poole, who was delicately holding the gourd of beer but no longer sipping.
13. He then picked it up delicately between thumb and forefinger, as if he held something highly vulnerable in tweezers.
14. Delicately Louisa had tried again and again to create the opportunity, but she had been allowed no room.
15. Her forehead was high, her eyebrows delicately arched.
16. The Test has been delicately poised for four days, with fortunes swinging wildly.
17. A heron lifted itself delicately off a sewage pipe and flew away.
18. He cleared his throat and turned away delicately to allow her to use the hanky.
19. Its limbs were delicately crossed at wrists and ankles.
20. Vanilla climbed delicately around the trunks of cocoa and citrus.
21. He was not aware of a jugular vein delicately connecting the forty billion of Trantor with the rest of the Galaxy.
22. Hands to muzzle, he delicately picked his teeth.
23. The women glanced at the fracas and stepped delicately aside on the steps as they passed by.
24. This final part of the mixing is done slowly and delicately.
25. Nicola moved her lips along Richard's neck and nuzzled his ear lobe delicately.
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26. A golden crown adorns the head and the relic is dressed in beautiful white robes delicately and artistically embroidered with gold.
27. Docking manoeuvres were thought to be needlessly risky as they required delicately flying two spacecraft in close proximity.
28. Architects devised the enormous curving stairway, the wide, panelled passageways, the delicately arched and pillared windows.
29. A ladybird crawled up a dry stalk, then stepped delicately across to the oiled and battered stock of the rifle.
30. He laid the telephone and torch back on the table then probed delicately with the end of a penknife.
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