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Decrepit in a sentence

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Synonym: creakydebilederelictfeebleflea-bitteninfirmricketyrun-downsaplessweakweaklywoebegoneSimilar words: decreasein secretsecretaryrecruitdepictepisodeepidemicpitMeaning: [dɪ'krepɪt]  adj. 1. worn and broken down by hard use 2. lacking physical strength or vitality. 
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(1) Most of the buildings were old and decrepit.
(2) The buildings were in a decrepit state.
(3) A decrepit old man sat on a park bench.
(4) The film had been shot in a decrepit old police station.
(5) What can this decrepit hag tell him?
(6) A decrepit footbridge crosses to the north bank.
(7) The inn-hospital is a decrepit, single-storied structure.
(8) Past the overgrown lawn, through the decrepit rose arbour and into the Wilderness.
(9) But it was not entirely a train of decrepit and abandoned people.
(10) Equipment is decrepit, training is inadequate and the conscripts, increasingly, are society's rejects.
(11) Outdated textbooks, decrepit buildings, overcrowded classrooms - the list of problems is long and growing.
(12) Decrepit old Shepherd Hall is being renovated at staggering expense.
(13) He moved fiercely among the decrepit houses in his white pyjamas like an angry prophet.
(14) He was in his forties, wore a decrepit old blazer and flannels[], and had rabbity teeth and a foolish expression.
(15) The latter set about restoring its decrepit but largely unaltered state, uncovering the great stone fireplace in the hall.
(16) In the windows of the decrepit houses, gas lamps were beginning to be lighted.
(17) He was a decrepit man.
(18) " Oh, Ashley, I'm getting old and decrepit. "
(19) The British music scene is nostalgic, decrepit and moribund.
(20) Cinemas were old and decrepit , productions were clunkers and pirated videotapes and discs proliferated.
(21) One by one, the aged tottered in, each one seemingly more decrepit than the one before.
(22) Our battered forecabin now looked like the canopy of some decrepit truck jacked up for repairs in some Third World country.
(23) A new car came into operation in 1987 - the old one was becoming frighteningly rusty and decrepit.
(24) Bill rode past the street on a horse that decrepit and about to collapse.
(25) The back yard was a m é lange of decrepit teak furnishings, lumpy grass and a beat - looking umbrella.
(26) As a place of sanctuary it is pretty bleak. The camp is nothing more than a bunch of decrepit and disused mud huts on the edge of a baking hot, dusty plain.
(27) I mean, can you imagine how terrifying a nation of decrepit, solipsistic 90-year-old boomers behind the wheel would be?
(28) Conclusion: Extract of Polygonum multiflorum Thunb. ( PmT ) have effect of decrepit obviously.
(29) In Hongwu the government assembled and changed some counties because the economy was decrepit.
(30) When the Marauders captured her and took her to their decrepit castle, Noa, Teek and Wicket teamed up to infiltrate the Marauder stronghold.
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