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Marginalize in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2016-12-06Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: marginrationalizeoriginalitydischargingrealizespecializedemoralizeoriginallyMeaning: ['mɑrdʒɪnəlaɪz /'mɑːd-]  v. relegate to a lower or outer edge, as of specific groups of people. 
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1. We've always been marginalized, exploited, and constantly threatened.
2. Female employees complained of being marginalized by management.
3. Rationality equals oppression and the silencing of marginalized voices!
4. Marginalized people are simply creating their own society, says the retired diplomat.
5. Did television marginalize the Alliance and thereby contribute to its failure?
6. Navarro's participation also marginalized the remaining left-wing guerrilla forces, who reportedly impeded voting in some towns.
7. Year after year, the political system further marginalizes average citizens while empowering those with money.
8. It misleadingly marginalizes both the centrality of the Church and classicism, the dominant artistic trend of the period.
9. Don't marginalize the online tools that are available.
10. We must not marginalize the poor in our society.
11. My view is students marginalize classes like that.
12. This led some in the liberal media to marginalize the entire Tea Party phenomenon as an " astroturfing" sham.
13. The National Assembly passed constitutional amendments to marginalize the Taiwan Provincial Government.
14. Instead it will serve mainly to marginalize you - though you may gain a devoted following among a specific subset.
15. The effect of this has been to increasingly marginalize the local authority sector.
16. Some say formal training programs can marginalize ethics[], by separating the topic from relevant day-to-day conduct.
17. Now that English has taken over as the main language, the country's native language has been marginalized.
18. Move to the Left, encourage mass protest, and they risked being marginalized in a revolutionary confrontation.
19. Many Aborigines become disorientated as tribal societies crumble and black independence erodes further - they have become a marginalized minority.
20. As the data on falling wages indicate, the unskilled in the first world are on their way to becoming marginalized.
21. In his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, Claude Simon also considered marginalized writing to be subverting totalitarian political control at least implicitly.
22. As federal and state support for the cities diminishes, poor urban dwellers will become even more destitute and marginalized.
23. Even ifthey did not discriminate on the basis of content, access fees wouldautomatically marginalize smaller, poorer Web sites.
24. China's educational policies for its ethnic minorities have made headlines lately, with protests by Tibetan students over new rules that would marginalize the use of Tibetan language in the classroom.
25. The second facet of U.S. public diplomacy, said Hughes, is an effort to isolate and marginalize the extremists by exposing their efforts "to appropriate religion in the name of their violent agenda."
26. You could be tempted to, if you thought that others might marginalize it or ridicule it.
27. Instead of protecting people who already are at special risk of abuse, many governments further marginalize migrants, punish them, or push access to services out of reach.
28. " I've even seen managers allow their teams to ostracize or marginalize the top performer so that other people won't "feel bad.
29. That is what happens when you poison your growth through letting others diminish, marginalize and demoralize you from reaching your potential.
30. We do not wish to see debate and controversy surrounding Council reform marginalize or even jeopardize consultations on other issues, particularly those concerning development.
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