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Decipher in a sentence

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Sentence count:81Posted:2017-02-27Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: explainfigure outsolveSimilar words: cipherperipheryreciperecipientdecidereciprocalreciprocatereciprocityMeaning: [dɪ'saɪfə]  v. 1. convert code into ordinary language 2. read with difficulty. 
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1. I can't decipher what is inscribed on the pillar.
2. Can anyone decipher his handwriting?
3. P.S. I hope you can decipher my scrawl!
4. She studied the envelope, trying to decipher the handwriting.
5. The signature was smudged and impossible to decipher.
6. Can you decipher the writing on this envelope?
7. Historians are trying to decipher the meaning of the documents.
8. The Coastguard needs to decipher garbled messages in a few minutes.
9. She couldn't decipher it in the pitch black.
10. Can you decipher her scrawl?
11. The more you try to decipher the more confusing it becomes.
12. Those Hansard writers could decipher the Rosetta stone in their spare time.
13. They had not learned to decipher that terrible handwriting of human destiny, illness and death.
14. We have to decipher these other natives of the forest if we want to understand the landscape.
15. There is no way we can decipher properly the individual contributions that different pairs of atoms make to the total atomic distribution.
16. Illiterate people may be able to recognize and decipher signs.
17. Who would know how to decipher Canon Wheeler's execrable hand?
18. From what I can decipher from the papers, the preparation for escape alone is quite complicated.
19. How would I ever learn to decipher it, to be at home in it?
20. It can help decipher the messages of propagandists, who seek to mislead by covering up their own argumentative contexts.
21. He was the Einstein of the hound kingdom-able to decipher morse code.
22. Its use of mutation and chance seems to occur within restraints; within an algorithm that we are still trying to decipher.
23. He picked up a piece of paper with some writing on it, could not decipher the writing, and dropped it.
24. The Hebrew people did not strive to read and write in order to decipher technical instructions.
25. David was sure that the slim, blond figure advancing towards him could decipher his mind.
26. For Adorno, then, the meaning of musical works is immanent; our role is to decipher it.
26. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
27. It means that it has fewer aural clues from which to decipher the sense.
28. He had an inkling he was the only one who could decipher the code.
29. Listed below are the main topical headings and issues that I could decipher.
30. Literacy will continue to depend upon the power to decipher words and to decode their connotations.
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