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Reciprocal in a sentence

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Synonym: multiplicative inversemutualreciprocal crossSimilar words: reciprocityreciperecipientprecipitationvocallocalso-calledequivocalMeaning: [rɪ'sɪprəkl]  n. 1. something (a term or expression or concept) that has a reciprocal relation to something else 2. (mathematics) one of a pair of numbers whose product is 1: the reciprocal of 2/3 is 3/2; the multiplicative inverse of 7 is 1/7 3. hybridization involving a pair of crosses that reverse the sexes associated with each genotype. adj. 1. concerning each of two or more persons or things; especially given or done in return 2. of or relating to the multiplicative inverse of a quantity or function. 
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1) He spoke of the necessity for a reciprocal relationship that would be useful for all sides.
2) Such treaties provide reciprocal rights and obligations.
3) Our relationship is based on reciprocal respect.
4) The two colleges have a reciprocal arrangement whereby students from one college can attend classes at the other.
5) Anita had a reciprocal arrangement with her brother-each would take care of the other's children if the need arose.
6) They expected a reciprocal gesture before more hostages could be freed.
7) Iran's leaders expected a reciprocal gesture of goodwill.
8) I now know that the anger is reciprocal.
9) Marvin here was hot for reciprocal visits.
10) You can make this a reciprocal arrangement.
11) Less reciprocal discourse will also activate schemata.
12) The prototype of reciprocal discourse is face-to-face conversation.
13) The reciprocal motion of pointing is asymmetric.
14) The reciprocal of 8 is 1 / 8.
15) Control, in short, is regarded as a reciprocal relationship.
16) The reciprocal relationship embodies two-way communication, with each open to be influenced by the other.
17) Case studies show that there is a reciprocal relationship between calcium and phosphorus.
18) Berowne had seemed not to expect a reciprocal confidence, indiscretion traded for indiscretion.
19) This reciprocal position did not make for sincerity and real understanding.
20) Reciprocal motion Reciprocal motion, positive and negative at constant mean velocity, is unnerving, mechanistic and inhuman.
21) All discourse is more or less reciprocal, if only because it is based upon assumptions about receivers.
22) It is required to find the reciprocal R of A, correct to six places of decimals.
23) Periodic alternating activation of flexors and extensors is achieved by reciprocal inhibition mediated by inhibitory collateral neurones.
24) Since I have made it a rule not to lie to a client, I assume reciprocal honesty from him.
25) Senior officials from both countries make regular visits on a reciprocal basis.
26) The French students come to our school in November, and we then make a reciprocal visit to theirs.
27) As previously indicated,( the present-value factors are nothing more than the reciprocal of the compound interest factors introduced earlier.
28) So, it looks like a promising case for a bit of reciprocal altruism.
29) When we see existence itself as the divine body we create a more reciprocal relationship.
30) Always confirm that it was overhead by calling until a reciprocal is received.
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