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Cracked in a sentence

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Sentence count:159+26 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-03-11Updated:2017-03-11
Synonym: alligatoredaround the bendbalmybarmybatsbattybonkersbuggychappedcrackersdaftdottyfruityhaywirekookiekookylocoloonyloopynutsnuttyroughenedround the bendwackywhackySimilar words: packedcrackbracketcracklecrackdownwickedcockeddockedMeaning: [krækt] adj. 1. used of skin roughened as a result of cold or exposure 2. of paint or varnish; having the appearance of alligator hide 3. informal or slang terms for mentally irregular. 
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1. A cracked bell is never sound. 
2. A cracked bell can never sound well. 
3. She would have cracked up if she hadn't allowed herself some fun.
4. He suffered three cracked ribs in the accident.
5. The ice cracked as I stepped onto it.
6. I took one look at her and cracked up.
7. The plaster on the walls was cracked and flaking.
8. The airplane cracked up in landing.
9. He cracked his nut on the ceiling.
10. The hunter's rifle cracked and the deer fell dead.
11. I cracked my head on/against the door.
12. He cracked the whip and the horse leapt forward.
13. The mirror was cracked and dirty.
14. The ceiling was grey and cracked.
15. The glass must have been cracked - it just fell to pieces in my hand.
16. He has cracked a bone in his arm.
17. A gas main had cracked under my neighbour's garage and gas had seeped into our homes.
18. The old car was so cracked that it would have been impossible to duff it.
19. He continually cracked his whip and shouted at the mule.
20. The ruler cracked and splintered into pieces.
21. But at last the shells cracked, one after another.
22. Never buy eggs with cracked shells.
23. The pool's fiberglass sides had cracked and the water had leaked out.
24. Her lips were dry and cracked.
25. The government has cracked down hard on those campaigning for greater democracy.
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26. He cracked up Jordan to the stars.
27. He picked up a piece of rock and cracked it in half.
28. The calculation was difficult, but we finally cracked it.
29. The toilet bowl was cracked and stained, and the walls were covered in mould.
30. After a year in this job I think I've got it cracked!
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