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Counterproductive in a sentence

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Sentence count:66Posted:2017-04-22Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: productiveproductivelyreproductivereproductive systemproductivityproductionreproductioncounterintuitiveMeaning: adj. tending to hinder the achievement of a goal. 
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1 Sending young offenders to prison can be counterproductive.
2 Increases in taxation would be counterproductive.
3 Improved safety measures in cars can be counterproductive as they encourage people to drive faster.
4 Such clock-punching may in fact be counterproductive.
5 It would be counterproductive to do otherwise.
6 Being too available can be counterproductive.
7 Moreover, strike action could be counterproductive.
8 Putting very young offenders in prison can be counterproductive.
9 More frequent change would have produced a counterproductive restlessness.
10 A confrontation is really going to be counterproductive for everyone.
11 But the counterproductive nature of this policy gesture can not escape attention.
12 It is counterproductive to be derogatory about hairstyle, clothing, or current countercultural heroes.
13 Although such inhibition might seem counterproductive, it is actually crucial. Normal brain function depends on both excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmitters.
14 This is a false and counterproductive approach; it is to true open-mindedness what glib moral relativism is to genuine tolerance.
15 When I suggested that oversized shirts were therefore counterproductive,( he shut me up with a reminder of my previous bad taste.
16 Constant correction by a teacher is often counterproductive, as the student may become afraid to speak at all.
17 Counterpoints may therefore be counterproductive, especially if they are obscure.
18 We think an attempt to bully them into submission would be counterproductive.
19 For such creatures, speed is not important - indeed it is counterproductive.
20 Thus replication begets replication, until the costs of these counterproductive activities finally bring the organization to a long-delayed breaking point.
21 Moreover,( any attempt to pin down precisely the behavior of 200 these tiny things turns out strangely counterproductive.
22 But seldom do these companies follow up on the true costs of counterproductive policies and decisions.
23 But hypersensitivity about colour or religious affiliation can be counterproductive.
24 But screaming in a corporation, even in a corporation as Neanderthalish as Salomon, was counterproductive.
25 Worse yet, it may resort to additional expedient action to disguise or defuse the consequences of previous counterproductive actions.
26 Furthermore, the way the Soviet authorities went about indoctrinating the people in atheist dogma was counterproductive.
27 Standard economic theory would dismiss the effort as naive and counterproductive.
28 Minimizing is the first technique a self-defeating organization uses to avoid responsibility for the costs of its counterproductive actions.
29 The general use of disapproval in order to keep people on their toes tends to be counterproductive after a time.
30 Cutting back on medical services to the poor is counterproductive.
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