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Overprotective in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-02-03Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: protectiveprotectionenvironmental protectionprotectprotectedprotect fromdetectiveprospectiveMeaning: adj. overly protective. 
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1 The children of overprotective parents are sometimes rather neurotic.
2 People may roll their eyes and talk about overprotective, interfering grandmothers.
3 Their mother suffocated them with overprotective love.
4 I am not an overprotective fan.
5 My wife says I'm being overprotective, and that our daughter has grown into a responsible young woman.
6 Overprotective parents may bombard their young children with messages that reinforce their lack of mastery.
7 Like any traditional Cuban mother, my mum was overprotective.
8 Is a Big Brother overprotective meltdown?
9 In the beginning of Eclipse, he's too overprotective.
10 Just like you, dad, overprotective!
11 A child growing under overprotective parents faces severe detachment problems as an adult.
12 We call this type of parent the " overprotective" type.
13 Overprotective parents raise fearful kids: PT Staff, "Parenting Style May Foster Anxiety" Psychology Today, Sep/Oct 2004.
14 By limiting your level of achievement to just Goal setting you are turning your subconscious into an "overprotective parent".
15 Today, I found out that my overprotective parents hired a private investigator a month ago, who since then has been watching my perfectly normal boyfriend, in case he "tries to rape or kill" me.
16 You can be so overprotective that you do not release your kids emotionally, or maybe even physically, to do what God wants them to.
17 She's powerful and determined,( and overprotective of her little sister Tara.
18 One is the image of the overprotective mother who gets too involved in her child's life, even after the child grows up.
19 Is a Big Brother overprotective meltdown? Or are our advances really causing greater risks for all users?
20 All is well, I am sure - Richard of Gloucester is simply being overprotective of his nephews.
21 Another unexpected turn of events, however, soon has Mr. and Mrs. Lisbon tightening their overprotective reigns over their daughters to an even greater degree.
22 Travelling with a teenage daughter carried its own concerns for an overprotective father, but it also prompted otherwise unlikely encounters.
23 PARENTAL ANXIETY Thinking about what could happen to your child is enough to send the most level-headed parent into overprotective mode.
24 They invariably believe that their parents are overanxious and overprotective.
25 I think people are given to get nervous and overprotective of a baby.
26 If you're unfamiliar, this was a case where an overprotective mom established a fake online identity to bully her daughter's rival.
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