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Madness in a sentence

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Synonym: crazinessfollyfoolishnessfuryhydrophobiainsanenesslunacylyssarabidityrabidnessrabiesrageSimilar words: sadnesskindnesswretchednessawkwardnesstactlessnesswednesdaywitnessharnessMeaning: ['mædnɪs] n. 1. obsolete terms for legal insanity 2. an acute viral disease of the nervous system of warm-blooded animals (usually transmitted by the bite of a rabid animal); rabies is fatal if the virus reaches the brain 3. a feeling of intense anger 4. the quality of being rash and foolish 5. unrestrained excitement or enthusiasm. 
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1. A man of gladness seldom falls into madness
2. It is madness for a sheep to treat of peace with a wolf. 
3. It's sheer madness to go sailing in weather like this.
4. When love is not madness, it is not love.
5. It is sheer madness to drive so fast.
6. It would be madness to drive all that way on your own.
7. Marilyn Monroe: Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.
8. Anger is a short madness.
9. His family has a history of madness.
10. There's a strain of madness in his family.
11. Three major narratives intertwine within Foucault'stext, "Madness and Civilisation"
12. In a moment of madness I agreed to go with him.
13. She looked into his eyes and beheld madness.
14. It would be sheer madness to trust a man like that.
15. It is madness to climb in such bad weather.
16. To begin a war would be sheer madness.
17. In a moment of madness, I agreed to have the party at my house.
18. He was driven to the brink of madness.
19. In a moment of madness she had agreed to go out with him.
20. The desperate condition of the world is that madness has always been here,[] and that it will remain so for all time.
21. Cutting down the forest is sheer madness .
22. It is sheer madness to do it.
23. It's the height of madness to sail at the height of the storm.
24. There's a strain of madness in the family.
25. She felt as if she were sliding into madness.
26. The anguish was so great that it turned into madness.
27. Everybody's youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness.
28. They say that genius often goes hand in hand with madness.
29. Where do you draw the line between genius and madness?
30. They say that talking to yourself is the first sign of madness!
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