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Malefactor in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-03-01Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: criminalcrookfelonoutlawSimilar words: benefactorde factofactorfactoryfactor outsatisfactoryfactobenefactionMeaning: ['mælɪfæktə(r)]  n. someone who has committed (or been legally convicted of) a crime. 
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1, Malefactors will be pursued and punished.
2, He's a malicious and malevolent malefactor and gangster.
3, Shortly after the crime, the malefactor was apprehended and turned over to the police.
4, The " malefactor" who had been there was Father Madeleine.
5, "Your Honour, " said the Malefactor, interrupting, "would you be kind enough to alter my punishment to ten years in the penitentiary and nothing else?
6, JUDGE having sentenced a Malefactor to the penitentiary was proceeding to point out to him the disadvantages of crime and the profit of reformation.
7, Shortly after the crime, the malefactor was apprehended and turn over to the police.
8, Public security people: by no means let any malefactor to escape.
9, "Yes, I know,[]" assented the Malefactor - "three years' imprisonment and the preaching.
10, Due to its generous Proportions it was Put to use on malefactors after its original owner had no further use for it.
11, It was the utterly excellent Yahweh who told the malefactors to go to hell.
12, At times the officers of the Crown were worsted by large and desperate bands of armed malefactors.
13, The justification was to make police patrols more unpredictable to potential malefactors.
14, The earl had gone on ahead in order to round up malefactors and provide the court with some impressive numbers for trial.
15, Mordovia is the cesspit into which are flushed the malcontents and malefactors of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
16, Government-owned prostitute of Song Chao, from wide admit, not only become malefactor family member male prostitute, be grabbed even avowedly come, force fine is prostitute!
17, If do not succeed, even if cannot say I am a malefactor, but oneself also cannot excuse oneself.
18, When he encounters such a withdrawal of collaboration, the theory goes, the malefactor will learn the error of his ways and become a more co-operative individual.
19, It was put up in wuld times by the relations of a malefactor who was tortured there by nailing his hand to a post and afterwards hung.
20, In both, the inhibitory clause that forbids evil is off, but the dreamer is not bidden to do evil as the maniac is, or as the malefactor often seems to be.
21, Confiscating belongings punishment is one kind will make a of malefactor personal property all perhaps free accept method of homecoming some penalty.
22, Still they believed the accusations of the priests and looked upon Christ as a malefactor.
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