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Contusion in a sentence

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Similar words: confusionconclusionin conclusiondraw a conclusionfusionallusioninfusiondelusionMeaning: [-juːʒn]  n. 1. an injury that doesn't break the skin but results in some discoloration 2. the action of bruising. 
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(1) Small contusion on the right cheek as well.
(2) Police questioned what Sheppard claimed was a spinal contusion.
(3) The next Saturday, there was another temporal lobe contusion patient.
(4) Objective To evaluate ocular contusion by fundus fluorescein angiography.
(5) How does hamstring rigid contusion do?
(6) Methods: To research 138 cases of eyeball contusion retrospectively.
(7) The bruise resulted from a contusion.
(8) Chart 1. Cerebral contusion of right occipital lobe.
(9) Methods. Contusion SCI was induced by placing a 25-g rod onto the spinal cord for 90 seconds in athymic nude rats.
(10) Methods 83 eyes with anterior segment contusion were examined by regular ophthalmic examination, ophthalmic B scan, and ultrasound biomicroscope.
(11) The delayed pulmonary contusion can not be assimilated completely, and may remained pulmonary fibrosis, pleural incrassation or conglutination.
(12) And main types of injuries are contusion, scratch, sprain and strain.
(13) It occurs in the laceration and contusion as well as in the clean surgical incision.
(14) Mechanical causes include coccygeal contusion, luxation, hypermobility or tumor. Neurogenic causes include referred pain from lumbar or sacral roots, or dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system.
(15) Conjunctival injury: contusion to the eye, mainly in the palpebral fissure Department of subconjunctival hemorrhage, edema.
(16) Death was due to fractures of the skull and severe cerebral contusion.
(17) Initial word from the training room was a lower leg contusion.
(18) GESTIR series has high sensitivity in the diagnosis of bone contusion, and it can show the tiny marrow edema and trabeculae .
(19) Objective To investigate the clinical effect of big bone flap craniotomy of partial recovery frontal bone flap and pterion point big bone flap decompression in the therapy of frontal lobe contusion.
(20) Methods: Using prospective studies research three stages with 202 brain contusion and laceration patients.
(21) Injuries that may acutely impair ventilation are tension pneumothorax, flail chest with pulmonary contusion, massive hemothorax,( and open pneumothorax.
(22) Objective To increase the curative effect of extensive cerebral contusion and laceration.
(23) The best method is choosing big bone flap craniotomy and partly recovery of frontal bone modified decompression in the therapy of frontal lobe contusion.
(24) Purpose : To evaluate the diagnostic value of FLAIR sequence in cerebral contusion and its clinical application.
(25) Objective To summarize the clinical characteristics and operative indications of epidural micro-hematoma in the groove of transverse sinus combined with cerebral contusion and laceration.
(26) Results Clinical history indicated that the mental disorders were occurred in cases of brain contusion syndrome (26.2%), amnestic syndrome (21.4%) and neuroses (16.6%) were occurred.
(27) Objective: Discuss the effects of super - early operation on bilateral frontal cerebral contusion.
(28) Objective To summarize the treatment of standard large trauma craniotomy and multiple dural fenestrations cerebral contusion of contrecoup lesion frontotemporal.
(29) Objective:To investigate the feasibility and efficacy of hyperbaric oxygenation in contusion of eyeball and severe commotio retinae .
(30) Simple pneumothorax or hemothorax , fractured ribs, and pulmonary contusion may compromise ventilation to a lesser degree and are usually identified in the secondary survey.
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