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Condiment in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2017-01-02Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: embodimentimpedimentrudimentarydimensiondimensionsconditionsentimentconditionsMeaning: ['kɒndɪmənt]  n. a preparation (a sauce or relish or spice) to enhance flavor or enjoyment. 
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1. Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.
2. Vlasic's brand would complement Heinz's ketchup, sauces and condiment business well, analysts said.
3. Serve hot or cold as SAUCEa condiment to small game birds, pheasant, or meat dishes.
4. It has long been a precious condiment.
5. Condiment package Suitable:various condiment packaging, desiccant and deoxygenation agent.
6. The usage of condiment in food is discussed.
7. A condiment consisting of a thick, smooth - textured, spicy sauce usually made from tomatoes.
8. Chinese rhubarb eel, abluent go splanchnic add condiment edible of braise in soy sauce.
9. International condiment industry is developing towards the direction of natural delicate nutrient, convinent and international.
10. It has long been a precious condiment and food preservative.
11. The company mainly engaged in natural green condiment - sesame oil!
12. Besides being a condiment on breakfast cereals, are there any other uses for berries?
12. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
13. By using the condiment produced By this factory, you could certainly make tasty dishes.
14. This may have to embrace the lovely condiment bottles, kitchen will have an intangible attraction.
15. Friendship is not only the condiment but also the anodyne of life.
16. Fish sauce is a traditional fermented condiment in coastal areas.
17. This is in contrast a condiment which is primarily a flavor added to another food item.
18. Even the paper boat began to seem appetizing, glistening in his mind with left-over condiment and grease.
19. It is used on salads and as a general condiment.
20. Sea salt is usually available in coarse or fine grades and is best used from a salt mill as a condiment.
21. They are sometimes mixed with other spices, such as allspice or coriander seeds(, for a table condiment.
22. Soya sauce A thin salty sauce used as the main condiment throughout the Far East, virtually replacing dry salt.
23. Thomas Jefferson advised Americans that meat should be treated as a condiment for vegetables.
24. Waste beer barm could be used to produce yeast extracts, nutrition condiment, polysaccharide of cell wall, SOD, FDP and feeding stuffs etc.
25. Bring the pepper mill with the appetizer. Do not make people wait or beg for a condiment.
26. The paper introduced the technics and the cruces of bottled condiment, and the producting technology and quality standard of bottled condiment were studied.
27. Objective To develop a method to detect benzoyl peroxide contained in condiment liquid chromatography ( HPLC ) technique.
28. Scrape with a rubber spatula and place in either a spare jar with a lid or a squeezable plastic condiment container. Store in the refrigerator and use within a week.
29. The product has the richer nutrition and smooth, is a good healthy condiment.
30. A rhizomatous Indian herb(Elettaria cardamomum) having capsular fruits with aromatic seeds used as a spice or condiment.
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