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Clone in a sentence

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Synonym: clondead ringerknockoffringerSimilar words: cycloneclogclotclowncloutcloyclovecloakMeaning: [kləʊn]  n. 1. a person who is almost identical to another 2. a group of genetically identical cells or organisms derived from a single cell or individual by some kind of asexual reproduction 3. an unauthorized copy or imitation. v. make multiple identical copies of. 
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1. She's an exact clone of her sister!
2. Meanwhile, philosophers debate whether it's right to clone an individual.
3. Experiments to try to clone human embryos have met with hostility from some sections of the public.
4. Can the day of the Stratocaster clone be gone?
5. Each of our body cells, then, is a clone of all the other cells, and of the original zygote.
6. If the ends of such non-dividing clone are held while it grows, then unexpectedly a double helix appears.
6. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
7. Because Apple refused to license its technology to clone makers, it could enforce hardware and software standards.
8. If that is acceptable, why not create a clone of a child who was lost in a tragic accident?
9. But another clone wannabe bowed out of the game Tuesday.
10. A clone of these organisms looks a bit like a string of sausages.
11. Quite distinct phenotypic modifications were elicited from the clone by the different ryegrass strains.
12. Two out of 160 G418-resistant D3 clones were found to have the targeted mutation and clone 515 gave rise to germ-line chimaeras.
13. Thus elm trees clone themselves to form entire copses[], and we cloned Dolly from cultured mammary gland cells.
14. A line was established from clone 59 and clean stocks derived by caesarean section.
15. The process allowed Scottish scientists to clone the sheep named Dolly.
16. Most people saw her as just another blond-haired, red-lipped Marilyn Monroe clone.
17. A team from the UK were the first to successfully clone an animal.
18. Right-to-life advocates worry that embryos will be wasted or discarded in attempts to produce a successful clone.
19. In Bence Jones proteinuria there is an oVerproduction of one type of light chain by a single clone of plasma cells.
20. Sun is believed to be keeping a low profile on the suit lest it catch flak for restricting the clone trade.
21. I recently installed a brand new, 1. 6-gigabyte Western Digital hard drive in my 100-megahertz Pentium clone.
22. Intel officials were afraid Gaede would sell the secrets to a foreign company that could use the information to clone Pentium chips.
23. The larger market is undoubtedly for cheap Far Eastern clone machines.
24. Researchers at fertility clinics say that they are already besieged by requests to clone.
25. Motorola announced Monday that it plans to begin making a Mac clone based on the PowerPC chip.
26. It is making arrangements outside for continued support of its clone customers.
27. Schools that excel and attract more students rarely grow or clone themselves.
28. It has long been acknowledged that the Chardonnay in le Mesnil-sur-Oger is a special clone of exceptional quality and character.
29. Steven Lowe, Liverpool Who would be the biological parents of a human clone, and what legal ramifications would this have?
30. We must not forget that, at least in modern bodies like our own, the cells are a clone.
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