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Snuff in a sentence

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Synonym: chukker-brownmummy-brownsniffsnuff-brownsnuffleSimilar words: snubmanufacturemanufacturedmanufacturermanufacturingguffcuffstuffMeaning: [snʌf]  n. 1. the charred portion of a candlewick 2. a pinch of smokeless tobacco inhaled at a single time 3. finely powdered tobacco for sniffing up the nose 4. sensing an odor by inhaling through the nose. v. 1. sniff or smell inquiringly 2. inhale audibly through the nose. adj. snuff colored; of a greyish to yellowish brown. 
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1. Very few people take snuff nowadays.
2. He took a pinch of snuff .
3. He thought he was about to snuff it.
4. He's so old that he will snuff out one of these days.
5. The recent rebound in mortgage rates could snuff out the housing recovery.
6. As always the laibon holds his snuff container.
7. One of the mills still produces snuff.
8. They never said anything about snuff, silverweed and horse-racing.
9. The Cowboys had tried to snuff them.
10. She took a pinch of snuff in her hand and sprinkled it over the note murmuring something under her breath.
11. The probably truth is that, like snuff, he regularly got up aristocratic noses.
12. Method: Any random idiot knows how to snuff out a candle after a quick lick of the fingers.
13. In his hands he holds a snuff box, shaped like a small quiver, and a thin stick.
14. She'd taxed him with trading them for snuff, which was his passion, and he'd not denied it.
15. Some have drawn up guidelines to snuff out only the most potent forms.
16. Within a few years, snuff taking declined and the box manufacturers were forced to produce new items.
17. The mayors vowed to snuff out gun crime.
18. A lot of money was spent to bring the building up to snuff .
19. Its use in the past included the manufacture of spoons and snuff boxes.
20. In 1996 a royal commission concluded that the problem went beyond attempts to snuff out native culture.
21. Many of Birmingham's population of artisans were occupied in producing trays and caddies, as well as snuff boxes for Virginia tobacco.
22. Semiconductor, software and computer companies slumped in price because of concern that earnings may not be up to snuff.
22. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
23. How could anyone be so evil that they could snuff out the life of a young girl?
24. It is the kind of work that museums do to conserve their furniture collections and bring their acquisitions up to snuff.
25. Despite this finding, the more people are using chewing tobacco and snuff.
26. I jumped up in fright and in the process knocked the snuff out of her hand.
27. In 1761 J. Hill associated cancer of the nasal passages with the immoderate use of snuff.
28. But she dipped her thumb and forefinger into the bag and took out a pinch of snuff.
29. A few of these devices should be exploded every year to test whether the refurbishing is working up to snuff.
30. Still, it took another gem, by third baseman Ken Caminiti, to snuff that threat.
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