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Mandible in a sentence

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Sentence count:90Posted:2017-02-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: jawbonejowllower jawlower jawbonemandibulamandibular bonesubmaxillaSimilar words: edibleaudibleinediblecredibleinaudibleincredibleincrediblydemandingMeaning: ['mændəbl]  n. the jaw in vertebrates that is hinged to open the mouth. 
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1. The mandible is protracted and retracted in chewing.
2. The mandible is a favourite subject for Hall.
3. Vole mandible from Westbury deposits showing the results of insitu break down of the bone.
4. Deer mandible chewed by small rodents showing the elongated and parallel sided double grooves characteristic of rodent gnawing.
5. The breakage of the mandible differentiates at least four groups of predator.
6. Impacted anterior teeth due to a small mandible.
7. The position relation between mandible and maxilla or cranioaural.
8. They are tongue, lips, pharynx, mandible, and velum.
9. Conclusions CAMRS could reproductively and effectively reposition mandible with little sleeping disturbance.
10. Final, significance of unnamed foramina in mandible for blood supply and nerve innervation were discussed.
11. The lower jaw is called the mandible or mandibular bone.
12. Because of mandible particularity on configuration and function, functional reparation is still a difficult problem.
13. What mix of selective forces and developmental constraints moulded the mandible, honed the teeth?
14. The other end attached to a bony spot on the mandible, or lower jaw.
15. After 48-55 months of weathering, the bones of the skull and mandible were still little altered.
15. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
16. In a subsequent long measurement, the momentary position of the mandible (yellow cross) is portrayed.
17. Core Crown Reconstruction of Resident Crown of First Molar of Mandible.
18. Methods Six cases underwent onlay bone graft to the angle and body part of mandible and malar surface simultaneously by using mandibular outer cortex.
19. In order to find an ideal method for single jaw external fixation, the author made a kind of tongue - pterygoid occlusal pad splint to fix dentition's mandible fractures.
20. Objective : To build a three - dimensional finite element model of temporomandibular joint and the mandible.
21. Objective : To discuss the frequency and anatomical structure of lingual vascular canal of mandible.
22. Objective To assess the effectiveness and reliability of free flap transfer for treating the advanced osteoradionecrosis(ORN)of mandible.
23. The cases included, pulpitis needed operation, or the teeth needed extraction,[] in which the teeth were located in the maxilla or front part of the mandible.
24. This face has a narrow palpebral height angulated and square-shaped mandible protruding cheek and fuller lips compared with the average Caucasian face.
25. Objective To supply anatomic material for preventing internal maxillary artery injury in the surgery of condylar process of mandible.
26. Objective To improve the cutis laxa and pendulous skin of the pars buccalis, lower mandible and labial commissure through the suspension of SMAS with small incision in the front of antilobium.
27. Methods From 1996 to 2001, mandibular angle osteotomy, mandibular outer cortex osteotomy, mandible, genioplasty and buccal pad excision were selected to treat 70 patients.
28. Side quarrel prolapse suffers from when predestined relationship of facial nerve mandible raises be put into trouble, red lip cannot evaginate .
29. Compared with the impacted group, the erupted group had anteriorly positioned and larger maxilla and mandible, less ramus-corpus angle and more protrusive lower incisors .
30. Conclusion Lag screw internal fixation method to treat condylar process fractures of the mandible can restore the anatomic contour and physiological function of condylar process.
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