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Kill in a sentence

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Sentence count:183+40 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-24Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: annihilatedestroyendexecutefinishmurderslaughterslayAntonym: savespareSimilar words: skillkill offkillerskilledwillpilldrillspillMeaning: [kɪl]  n. 1. the act of terminating a life 2. the destruction of an enemy plane or ship or tank or missile. v. 1. cause to die; put to death, usually intentionally or knowingly 2. thwart the passage of 3. cause the death of, without intention 4. end or extinguish by forceful means 5. be fatal 6. be the source of great pain for 7. overwhelm with hilarity, pleasure, or admiration 8. hit with so much force as to make a return impossible, in racket games 9. hit with great force 10. deprive of life 11. drink down entirely 12. mark for deletion, rub off, or erase 13. tire out completely 14. cause to cease operating 15. destroy a vitally essential quality of or in. 
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(1) That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Friedrich Nietzsche 
(2) Many ants kill the horse.
(3) Work will not kill a man but worry will. 
(4) Kill two birds with one stone. 
(5) Kill the goose that laid the golden egg. 
(6) Dogs that run after many hares kill none. 
(7) Kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. 
(8) Thou shalt not kill.
(9) Chlorine is added to the water to kill bacteria.
(10) The police rarely shoot to kill .
(11) Is it ever right to kill?
(12) What does not kill you makes you stronger.
(13) I bought a spray to kill the weeds.
(14) What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
(15) Why do you want to kill me?
(16) Put disinfectant down the toilet to kill any germs.
(17) Excessive tiredness while driving can kill.
(18) You will kill the child with indulgence.
(19) What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.
(20) No one believed he would actually kill himself.
(21) She tried to kill herself by slashing her wrists.
(22) Frost can kill off a young plant.
(23) Work won't kill but worry will.
(24) Gluttony kill more than the sword.
(25) Chlorine is widely used to kill germs.
(26) Cigarettes kill over a hundred thousand Britons every year.
(27) You can kill two birds with one stone.
(28) He that dallies with enemy gives him leave to kill him. 
(29) The tongue is but three inches long[], yet it can kill a man six feet high. 
(30) The crash of the whole solar and stellar systems could only kill you once. 
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