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Settle in a sentence

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Synonym: colonizedecidedeterminefixinhabitlocatemendoccupypatch upreconcileresolveAntonym: unfixSimilar words: settle forsettle downsettlementunsettlinglittle by littlecattlelittlea littleMeaning: ['setl]  n. a long wooden bench with a back. v. 1. settle into a position, usually on a surface or ground 2. bring to an end; settle conclusively 3. settle conclusively; come to terms 4. take up residence and become established 5. come to terms 6. go under, "The raft sank and its occupants drowned" 7. become settled or established and stable in one's residence or life style 8. become resolved, fixed, established, or quiet 9. establish or develop as a residence 10. come to rest 11. become clear by the sinking of particles 12. arrange or fix in the desired order 13. accept despite complete satisfaction 14. end a legal dispute by arriving at a settlement 15. dispose of; make a financial settlement 16. cause to become clear by forming a sediment (of liquids) 17. sink down or precipitate 18. fix firmly 19. get one's revenge for a wrong or an injury 20. make final; put the last touches on; put into final form 21. form a community 22. come as if by falling. 
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1. Being on sea, sail; being on land, settle
2. There is pressure on the unions to settle.
3. You can't settle every argument by duking it out.
4. The heavy rain might settle the changeable weather.
5. I'm not ready to settle down yet.
6. The snow didn't settle .
7. I'm not going to settle for second best .
8. Come on children, stop chatting and settle down please!
9. I'll settle up with them soon.
10. Would you like to settle up now, sir?
11. The company has agreed to settle out of court .
12. They'll soon settle in - kids are very good at adjusting.
13. One day I'll want to settle down and have a family.
14. The ancient way to settle a quarrel was to choose a leader from each side and let them fight it out.
15. When we approached the till to settle up, he reduced our bill by 50 per cent.
16. They have been unable to settle/resolve the dispute over working conditions.
17. It took me a week to settle into a routine.
18. Attempts are being made to settle the dispute by diplomatic means.
19. He took a long time to settle in to big-time football.
20. Rodman met with Kreeger to try and settle the dispute over his contract.
21. The Nelsons are hoping to settle in Australia in the near future / in the not too distant future.
22. The contents of the packet may settle down in travelling.
23. Talks to settle the pay dispute have become bogged down.
24. They signed a treaty to settle all border disputes by arbitration.
25. We have some unfinished business to settle.
26. Lack of discipline at home meant that many pupils found it difficult to settle in to the ordered environment of the school.
27. Not until this turbulent region can shuffle off the burdens of the past will it be able to settle peacefully into the community of nations.
28. She's had her fling and now she's got to settle down.
29. The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet(, keep looking. Don't settleSteve Jobs 
30. They have already declared their intention to fight on rather than settle for half-measures.
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