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Bribery in a sentence

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Sentence count:151+4Posted:2017-02-06Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: graftSimilar words: bribesubscribertribescribeascribefiberdescribesubscribeMeaning: [braɪbərɪ]  n. the practice of offering something (usually money) in order to gain an illicit advantage. 
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31. Former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu is under investigation on suspicion of bribery.
32. The law firm was rocked by accusations of bribery and dishonesty.
33. He is a vain, devious showman accused of bribery, tax evasion, fraud and mafia connections.
34. Several politicians are linked to the bribery and sex scandal.
35. Bureaucratic bottlenecks, internal corruption and bribery topped the concerns when dealing with government.
36. By bribery - all men are corruptible - and by removing permanently any so-called idealists who stand in our way.
37. Combs also is charged with bribery for allegedly offering his driver $ 50,000 to take the gun rap for him.
38. One of Murrow's chief campaign promises was to do something about bribery and corruption.
39. By guile, bribery or skill the fleeing rebels managed to elude their pursuers.
40. I only pinched one feller for bribery because he was a nasty feller.
41. The drug bosses were using bribery to stay out of jail.
42. Yes, she would accept Eloise's bribes without knowing that bribery existed.
43. This should last until bribery scandals had been investigated and proper environmental standards enforced, they said.
44. The number of cases involving bribery, graft and influence peddling revealed in recent months is stunning.
45. Earlier this year, Felix pled guilty to money-laundering charges growing out of his arrest on drug and bribery charges.
46. Gridley, 84, has been charged with bribery and attempted bribery, but has not been arraigned or entered a plea.
47. That army, unimaginably, would worsen under the goading pressures of famine, overpopulation, and bribery.
48. Guzman was serving more than 20 years for criminal association and bribery.
49. Wolf is being tried by the same court that sentenced him to six years in prison for treason and bribery.
50. Takatlyan was charged with illegal weapons possession, bribery, entering the country illegally and using false documents.
51. Berlusconi, who is on trial for bribery, betrayed those who voted for a new republic.
52. Low rents are seen as a form of bribery of the electorate.
53. It is due to the inefficiency of the Government which no amount of Budget bribery can possibly erase.
54. Estrada has been charged with bribery, corruption, violating the constitution and betraying the public trust.
55. Bribery is rife in jockeying for good positions on the dealing floor of some firms.
56. Mustering was administered by the counts, who were frequently accused of bribery and coercion in the tally of the muster.
57. His mother tried threats, bribery -- everything, but Danny still refused to go to school.
58. Barzel's attempt failed by two votes and there were accusations of bribery being used to achieve the result.
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59. The House ethics committee has rejected on technical grounds the latest complaint filed against Speaker Newt Gingrich charging him with bribery.
60. Now he would have to depend upon cruder means - on bribery and blackmail.
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