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Black carbon in a sentence

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1. The plant material itself is converted to black carbon.
2. I am the sun: It'seems so black carbon - like.
3. While black carbon particles tend to settle over time and do not have the global reach of greenhouse gases, they do travel, scientists now realize.
4. Black carbon absorbs solar radiation, warming the atmosphere.
5. The severe impact of black carbon ( soot ) on climate change has been known about for years.
6. Black carbon particles are smaller than sulfate particles and can be lofted much higher by solar heating, where their influence on climate can last up to a decade.
7. Because there are no dyes, synthetic black carbon compounds in infrared scanner is not visible.
8. They cite black carbon as the second largest contributor to global warming after carbon dioxide.
9. The team found that a sprinkling of black carbon powder on a snow surface accelerated penitente growth because it shaded the peaks more effectively than the troughs .
10. Can the state of mixing of black carbon aerosols explain the mystery of'excess'atmospheric absorption?
11. "Going eye for an eye on climate change is going to make us all blind, " says V. Ramanathan, a climatologist with Scripps Institution of Oceanography who has long studied black carbon.
12. "Climate impact assessments of suborbital and orbital rockets must consider black carbon emissions, or else they ignore the most significant part of the total climate impact from rockets,[ ]" Ross said.
13. Oman: We studied the scenario of using 100 Hiroshima-size bombs, the fires from which would inject upward of 5 teragrams (megatons) of black carbon particles into Earth's upper troposphere.
14. Pollution from China alone directly affects the earth's climate, both by reflecting some light to outer space (soot and aerosols) and warming the atmosphere with black carbon particles.
15. We must address short lived climate pollutants such as black carbon.
16. Ramanathan, Wilcox and an Indian glaciologist Syed Iqbal Hasnain are working to figure out the impact of black carbon on glacial loss.
17. Another example of these dynamic effects is when the ice sheet melts to expose dirty layers of old snow laced with black carbon from forest fires and even cosmic dust.
18. They employ chimneys and clean-burning technology where applicable, and they could significantly cut down on emissions of black carbon in the developing world, 20 percent of which comes from cooking.
19. Although white surfaces are cooler, the increased sunlight they reflect back into the atmosphere by can increase absorption of light by dark pollutants such as black carbon, which increases heating.
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