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Carbonic in a sentence

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Sentence count:46Posted:2018-02-06Updated:2018-05-25
Synonym: carbonaceouscarboniferouscarbonousSimilar words: carbonic acidcarbonitedecarbonisecarbonizationdecarbonizationcarboncarbon-14carbonateMeaning: [kɑː'bɒnɪk]  adj. relating to or consisting of or yielding carbon. 
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1. Maximilian was killed by means of a carbonic acid injection.
2. Carbonic acid is formed when water absorbs carbon dioxide.
3. Manganese dioxide, carbonic acid manganese processing and sales.
4. To remove carbon dioxide carbonic acid from.
5. Once in water, it reacts to form carbonic acid.
5. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
6. Carbonic acid can be made into dyes and disinfectants.
7. The midpoint and equivalence point for carbonic acid are much higher.
8. Flow-injection spectrophotometry was established to measure carbonic anhydrase (CA) activity and the effect of magnetic field on CA activity was studied.
9. Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors (CAIs) were first used to lower intraocular pressure (IOP) in glaucoma in 1954, with the introduction of acetazolamide, methazolamide and diclofenamide were subsequently.
10. Methazolamide (MTZ) is a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor widely used in oral administration in the treatment of glaucoma.
11. Carbonic anhydrase(CA; EC a zinc-containing metalloenzyme that catalyzes the reversible conversion of CO_2 to bicarbonate.
12. Finally, the treated beverage liquid, powered by the carbonic acid gas pressure, flows into the filling machine.
13. The Carbonic dichloride and the Trichloromethyl carbonate are two commonly used acylating reagent to product the Iminodibenzyl carbonyl chloride.
14. CO2 in carbonic acid promotes the cathodic process and inhibits the anodic process of UNS G10190 steel.
15. A rising carbonic acid level means a more acidic ocean.
16. The species and preparation methods of carbonic system pantograph strip materials are explained in detail.
17. Carbonic anhydrase gene, nitrate reductase gene and several other genes have been cloned.
18. Objective To establish a sensitive, accurate, stable, specific enzymatic determination method for milk Zinc by carbonic anhydrase(CA) reactivation.
19. According to its chemical com-position and its usage, it can be divided into blue-black ink? dye ink? carbonic ink and some other ink.
20. Aim: To clone the cross-intron genomic DNAs of the duplicated carbonic anhydrase (DCA1) and carbonic anhydrase (CA1) genes from Dunaliella salina.
21. Gain Modified urea formaldehyde resin foam plastics by the carbonic acid hydrogen ammonia.
22. Objective:To establish a sensitive, accurate, specific enzymatic method of determination of urinary zinc with stable reagents by means of carbonic anhydrase(CA) reactivation.
23. Within 35 years the 3rd Warden of the Grand Temple of the Knights Carbonic (our revered prophet John Tyndall) was able to "demonstrate" the Master's thesis.
24. The effect of solvent polarity and guanidinium on the con-formation of carbonic anhydrase was studied by fluorescence emission spectrum.
25. The Technical evaluation state that the mineral water of river Weina contains large quantities of carbon dioxide gas, ferrous metal ion, carbonic acid, calcium nitrate etc 20 varied mineral substance.
26. Objective:To establish an accurate, specific automated enzymatic method for the determination of hair zinc with stable reagents by means of carbonic anhydrase(CA) reactivation.
27. The application and the latest trend in the study of non - carbonic nanotubes is also discussed.
28. It'suggested that one of the dehydrant mechanisms is inhibition of carbonic anhydrase activity.
29. The liquid flows out the groove and turns into a liquid curtain for better cooling and good carbonic acid gas absorption.
30. It consists of special resin, foaming agent fire - proofing agent, carbonic agent, pigment and filler.
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