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Carbonyl in a sentence

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Sentence count:90Posted:2018-07-29Updated:2018-07-29
Similar words: carbonyl groupcarboncarboniccarbon-14carbonitecarbonaracarbonizecarbonateMeaning: n. a compound containing metal combined with carbon monoxide. adj. relating to or containing the carbonyl group. 
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1, Cyclopropane carbonyl chloride is an important intermediate.
2, The processing of salting affected the TBARS value, carbonyl compounds while conjugated dienes significantly and the peroxide va...
3, The results showed that carbonyl groups in degradation products obviously increased and quinoid matters were produced when dioxane lignin reacted with hydrogen peroxide.
4, The reduction of the carbonyl group on haloperidol to hydroxyl group has almost no effect on its vasodilative activity.
5, The hydrogenation of diene compound and carbonyl group with yeasts was studied.
6, The manufacturing technology, Specific property and applications of carbonyl iron powder have been briefly introduced in the paper.
7, Reactions of Carbonyl Compounds with the Carbonyl Group as an Electrophile with H, C, N and O Nucleophiles.
8, Influence of concentration of carbonyl iron on static magnetism was not obvious.
9, This radical attacks the carbonyl group to an intermediate bicyclic ketyl.
10, The application of carbonyl reductive coupling reaction induced by low valent titanium as the crucial macrocyclization in the total syntheses of cembrane- type diterpenoids are reviewed.
11, The p - chlorophenyl isocyanate is synthesised by carbonyl chloride and p - chloroaniline . The yield is 90 %.
12, A preliminary study on diurnal variation of carbonyl compound concentrations at roadside air of urban Guangzhou was performed in summer 2001.
13, Acetalization of glycol with carbonyl compounds was carried out catalyzed by cupric p - toluenesulfonate.
14, The various methods for the umpolung of carbonyl compounds (aldehydes and ketones), secondary amines and the most frequently used umpolung reagents are introduced.
15, The processing of salting affected the TBARS value, carbonyl compounds while conjugated dienes significantly and the peroxide value changed evidently during the process of air-drying.
16, Use the Chloride, sodium hydroxide and carbon monoxide as raw materials, taking the Cobalt Carbonyl as catalyst to produce Phenylacetate.
17, This review summarizes previous mechanistic studies on reactions of dihalocarbenes with carbonyl compounds where dihalocarbonyl Ylide was suggested to be the intermediate.
18, Colorant of naturally colored cotton fabric exists in the secondary cell wall of cellulose, the chromosphere is dependent on the carbonyl group.
19, The lipid oxidation of the muscles of breast and leg in dry-cured duck during processing was studied by determination of the peroxide value, TBARS value, carbonyl compounds and conjugated dienes.
20, This article summarizes the progresses in bridged or substituted cyclopentadienyl (and indenyl) Mo-Mo bond carbonyl complexes. Their synthesis, molecular structures and reactivity are discussed.
21, Although aromatic rings were not changed very much, side chains of lignin such as carbonyl groups, CH_2, syringic units and guaiacyl units were partly degraded.
22, At the same time, some other oxycompound groups, such as carbonyl group, aldehyde group and ketone group,[] appear or increase with temperature rising.
23, Amygdalin and moisture content of peach kernel, acid value (AV), peroxide value (POV) and carbonyl value of its oil were measured every 15 days.
24, Addition of electrical conductive fiber to the radar absorbing coating of carbonyl iron powder (CIP) has been studied.
25, The paper has described the influencing factors on the electromagnetic properties of carbonyl iron powder which will exert a reference value to practiCal production.
26, In a certain range, the tensile strength of composite increases with increasing volume fraction of modified carbonyl iron powder.
27, The mechanisms of protein oxidation were discussed from three aspects, modification of amino acid residue side chains, generation of carbonyl derivatives and formation of protein polymers.
28, Sintering densification behavior, hardness and grain growth characteristics of carbonyl iron powder prepared by spark plasma sintering (SPS) were studied.
29, The results showed that during the chemical pretreatment the guaiacyl unit was more readily to be sulfonated and dissolved, and there were new conjugated carbonyl and quinoid structure formed.
30, The nitrous oxide - ethane flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer was used to measure calcium in carbonyl nickel powder.
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