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Radiocarbon in a sentence

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Sentence count:61Posted:2017-08-06Updated:2017-08-06
Similar words: carbon dioxidecarboncarbonatedcarbon cycleaudio cassetteradiocarboxylicradiogramMeaning: ['reɪdɪəʊ'kɑrbən /-'kɑːb-]  n. a radioactive isotope of carbon. 
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1) The most frequently used method is radiocarbon dating.
2) But several factors affect the accuracy of radiocarbon dating.
3) This is the basis of conventional radiocarbon dating.
4) To correct this error radiocarbon dates are calibrated by studying the difference between radiocarbon dates and tree-ring dates.
5) Most errors in radiocarbon dating arise because the excavator has not fully understood the formation processes of the context in question.
6) Just as dramatically, radiocarbon dating has shown that the Neolithic was introduced to Britain at least 1500 years earlier than previously believed.
7) In converting radiocarbon results to calendar dates, the wiggles in the calibration curve are the real problem.
8) But after death, the amount of radiocarbon decreases at a fixed rate: it halves every 5730 years.
9) All of the caveats that apply to radiocarbon dating apply to its use in authentication.
10) For the later range of radiocarbon dates this calibration is well-established.
11) If dated by conventional radiocarbon, it would have been totally destroyed during measurement.
12) The journal Radiocarbon publishes the most up-to-date curves which in principle permit the conversion of radiocarbon dates to calibrated dates.
13) The principles of radiocarbon dating are fairly straight forward, but in practice there are many problems.
14) Because of the difficulties associated with radiocarbon dating,[] each new date is given a statistical margin of error.
15) For direct archaeological applications, radiocarbon dating and tree-ring work are in general much more useful.
16) Radiocarbon Dating Radiocarbon is the single most useful method of dating for the archaeologist.
17) The most well-known application of radiocarbon must be the dating of the Shroud of Turin.
18) All radiocarbon samples should be sealed within a clean container such as a plastic bag at the time of recovery.
19) One of the basic assumptions of the radiocarbon method has turned out to be not quite correct.
20) In the absence of radiocarbon dates these interpretations must remain untested but attractive hypotheses.
21) Although calibration complicates the process of interpreting the radiocarbon results(, it is essential.
22) This is most frequently applied to radiocarbon dates from tree-rings.
23) Thus, whenever possible the radiocarbon age should be calibrated to actual calendar years.
24) Conventional radiocarbon dating normally requires sample sizes which will yield a minimum of 1 g of carbon.
25) In one comparative study, over 30 radiocarbon laboratories dated the same sample.
26) And its use in radiocarbon dating.
27) After this pretreatment, the sample is converted to a form suitable for the particular method of radiocarbon dating to be used.
28) The sample preparation procedures are the same as those used for radiocarbon dating, care being taken to avoid contamination.
29) Palmer originally specialised in acoustics but became interested in the physics of the Earth and in measuring ages by radiocarbon dating.
30) Concluding remarks Scientific dating techniques, and none more than radiocarbon, have revolutionised the archaeologist's understanding of human cultural development.
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