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Carbonate in a sentence

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Similar words: carbonatedbicarbonatecarbonationcarboncarbon cyclehydrocarbonradiocarboncarbon datingMeaning: ['kɑrbənɪt /'kɑːb-]  n. a salt or ester of carbonic acid (containing the anion CO3). v. 1. treat with carbon dioxide 2. turn into a carbonate. 
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1. Absorbable antacids such as calcium carbonate must be discontinued.
2. This method produces the following colour differentiation in carbonate minerals: Calcite Varying through very pale pink to red.
3. The mineral calcite is made up of carbonate sheets and intervening planes of calcium ions.
4. Brown calcareous soils contain carbonate materials in the form of rock or shell fragments.
5. Calcium permanent hardness requires the more expensive sodium carbonate, whereas magnesium permanent hardness requires both lime and sodium carbonate.
6. When calcium carbonate is heated it decomposes into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide.
7. These are most abundant in the paler, carbonate rich zones but are also present in the darker diatom mat laminations.
8. Carbonate and evaporite sediments also have a high diagenetic potential.
9. Calcareous regosols contain free calcium carbonate in the parent material, shelly sand.
10. Chemically, chalk is largely calcium carbonate, he argues, and so should yield carbon dioxide if immersed in an acid.
11. The same could be said of carbonate deposition in the mid-Silurian.
12. Doctors have treated manic depression with lithium carbonate since the 1970s.
13. Softies Leather corals lack the hard calcium carbonate skeleton of stony corals.
14. Groups of carbonate ions are arranged in sheets in a manner somewhat like that of the sheet silicates.
15. Zeolite-softened water may be quite alkaline because it contains substantial quantities of sodium carbonate and bicarbonate.
16. The skeletal parts of hard corals are made of calcium carbonate and if this is in short supply they can suffer.
17. Very soft water is not suitable, as there is not enough dissolved calcium carbonate, the main material of the shell.
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18. The Stinkdolomit is composed mainly of dark, thinly bedded and dolomitised carbonate mudstones.
19. Ferrite, the low-cost non-cobalt material made of ferric oxide and barium or strontium carbonate, was launched in the 1950s.
20. The problem was not helped by each lab having its own preference for the indicator to be used with sodium carbonate.
21. Calcareous soils are freely drained soils containing free calcium carbonate within the profile.
22. Evaporite sediments have a yet higher diagenetic potential than modern carbonate sediments, producing a near-metamorphic fabric.
23. Beneath each machine a wrought-iron pan was installed to collect the water, which contained carbonate of soda to prevent rust.
24. As the time for the moult approaches, the animal absorbs much of the calcium carbonate from its shell into its blood.
25. So the early Carboniferous was again a time of very widespread carbonate deposition.
26. For example, at elevated temperatures, sodium bicarbonate decomposes and releases carbon dioxide and leaves sodium carbonate as mentioned earlier.
27. They use it to fashion the coccoliths shown here, their armoured skeletons made of chalk or calcium carbonate plates.
28. It is also necessary specifically to select veined material for study, hitherto not a regular practise in traditional carbonate petrography.
29. This may be a factor of environment of deposition, or a consequence of rapid sedimentation rates, particularly in carbonate environments.
30. The potassium ferricyanide component is very sensitive, and will detect iron in calcite with 1% ferrous carbonate in solid solution.
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