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Carbon-14 in a sentence

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(1) The carbon14 atoms oxidize to carbon dioxide which gets blown about and mixed up with lower atmosphere.
(2) He developed a detector for decays of carbon-14, a radioactive form of carbon, that can be used to this end.
(3) In any organic specimen, carbon-14 is present in tiny quantities, being swamped by the more abundant isotope, carbon-12.
(4) The most difficult job is to separate carbon-14 from the far more abundant carbon-12.
(5) Over time, that carbon-14 will decay to regular carbon-12.
(6) "Carbon-14 doesn't help you solve all this controversy, " says Eilat Mazar.
(7) Carbon-14 dating and similar methods are now used to determine absolute ages for various periods.
(8) Isotopes of aluminum, beryllium, carbon ( carbon-14 ), chlorine, iodine and neon, are also formed through cosmic ray spallation.
(9) The site has also has information on how carbon-14 and fission tracking dating work.
(10) It quickly becomes carbon-14 (with six protons and 8 neutrons).
(11) The yearly amount of carbon-14 has been carefully monitored and is well known.
(12) It looks at the ratio of radioactive carbon-14 in that enamel to stable C-12.
(13) An isotope of carbon known as carbon-14 would also be stable, as would a form of oxygen, so the organic reactions necessary for life would be possible.
(14) Beneath that Hellenistic layer he found buildings scattered with four olive pits, which carbon-14 analysis dated to around 1000 B.C.
(15) This concept is relied upon, for example, when anthropologists use carbon-14 to date ancient artifacts and when doctors determine the proper dose of radioactivity to treat a cancer patient.
(16) Find a good description of the dating process here.) After carbon-14 spread throughout the globe, tiny amounts of the gas were taken up by the slow-growing mosses.
(17) The tests spewed vast amounts of the radioactive molecule, carbon-14, into the atmosphere, which in turn was incorporated into the DNA of the fat cells of humans.
(18) The Specialty Synthesis Group is seeking a Synthetic Radiochemist to be responsible for the carbon-14 radiolabeled chemical synthesis, purification and analysis.
(19) Radioactive eyes don't lie (about your age, anyway)Danish scientists find that measuring the amount of radioactive carbon-14 in people's eye lenses can accurately tell when they were born.
(20) Plastic cards did not yet exist, so Shepherd-Barron's ATM accepted only checks laced with identifying traces of radioactive carbon-14.
(21) Something is ingesting the nutrients, metabolising them, and then belching out gas laced with carbon-14.
(22) The testing of nuclear weapons in the 1950s spewed a lot of radioactive carbon-14 into the air.
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