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Bargain in a sentence

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Synonym: agreecontractsaleSimilar words: bargegainagainregainagainstungainlyall over againfight againstMeaning: ['bɑːgɪn] n. 1. an agreement between parties (usually arrived at after discussion) fixing obligations of each 2. an advantageous purchase. v. 1. negotiate the terms of an exchange 2. come to terms; arrive at an agreement. 
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1. The car was a bargain at that price.
2. This so-called bargain is just a con!
3. Unions bargain with employers for better rates of pay each year.
4. I picked up a really good bargain in the market.
5. I refuse to bargain over the price.
6. In some shops you have to bargain.
7. Bare words, no bargain.
8. The women in the market often bargain away for hours.
9. A bargain is a bargain.
10. We refuse to bargain over the price.
11. They often bargain away in the shops for hours.
12. A plea bargain was offered by the state assuring her that she would not go to prison.
13. A deposit of eight pounds clinched the bargain.
14. He duly performed his own half of the bargain and expected the others to do likewise.
15. The so-called bargain was just a big con!
16. Rogers always has an eye for a good bargain.
17. She drove a hard bargain with the seller.
18. The leaders refused to bargain away the freedom of their people.
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19. You can drive a hard bargain in the free market.
20. Her part of the bargain was to look after the car.
21. He was prepared to bargain about money.
22. Good knives don't come at bargain prices .
23. Such bargain offers can't be repeated.
24. Make the best of a bad business (or job or bargain). 
25. After they had haggled for some time[], the two men decided to close the bargain.
26. If you promote our goods, we will give you a good discount as our part of the bargain.
27. He put me in the way of a good bargain.
28. He bought the house, and the furniture into the bargain.
29. That He put me in the way of a good bargain of getting a good post.
30. Don't be left standing, ladies and gents, while a bargain slips past your eyes.
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