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Ungainly in a sentence

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Sentence count:43+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-08-10Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: awkwardclumsygawkyungracefulunhandySimilar words: mainlycertainlycertainly notagainregainagainstall over againfight againstMeaning: [ʌn'geɪnlɪ]  adj. 1. lacking grace in movement or posture 2. difficult to handle or manage especially because of shape. 
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1. On land the turtle is ungainly, but in the water it isvery agile.
2. The dog, an ungainly mongrel pup, was loping about the road.
3. I thought him terribly ungainly when he danced.
4. Ducks are ungainly on land.
5. He walked in long ungainly strides.
6. Paul swam in his ungainly way to the side of the pool.
7. It was ungainly, and slow, but the method worked.
8. They were, in a word, ungainly.
9. I felt old, fat, and ungainly.
10. Dinosaurs were huge ungainly animals with tiny brains.
11. Michael Heseltine's ungainly hybrid replacement received a poor reception from Tory activists gathered at Southport last weekend.
12. Ungainly as that may sound, it is efficient in terms of energy use.
13. It is ungainly and slovenly to lean or lounge on a counter or desk. 5.
14. The second was propped, ungainly as a rag doll, against the far wall.
15. After an ungainly dash across the rocks he comes to rest at my side with an almighty splash.
16. It was four feet tall, ungainly and untuned, and Clarisa was no musician.
17. She, has an ungainly walk for a child whose support payments specify weekly ballet lessons.
18. She was old, fat and ungainly, and had to struggle to get to her feet.
19. What a relief I thought, that that ungainly thing was no longer needed by me.
20. He had been an attractive youth, tall, rather ungainly, with a thatch of black hair.
21. The tall man wobbled along ungainly.
22. He could indeed look a little ungainly.
23. He was a tall(, ungainly boy of 18.
24. It is often an ungainly, comic endeavour.
25. We shall prove the following ungainly technical lemma.
26. His body flopped brokenly from one strut to the next, cartwheeling ungainly to crump on the earth.
27. The whole impeachment mess has finally come to an ungainly end but the ultimate significance of the debacle seems clear.
28. Breed's possessed frontman is grabbing his opportunity by its ungainly bollocks.
29. And then her legs gently folded and she subsided slowly on the step, ungainly as a marionette.
30. The humanoid vigour of man-made things, as suggested by these metaphors, is at the same time ungainly and unnatural.
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