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Attribution in a sentence

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Sentence count:61Posted:2017-07-09Updated:2017-07-09
Synonym: ascriptionSimilar words: attributiveretributionattributedistributioncontributionincome distributionstatistical distributionattritionMeaning: [‚ætrɪ'bjuːʃn]  n. 1. assigning some quality or character to a person or thing 2. assigning to a cause or source. 
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1. The attribution of this painting to Rembrandt has never been questioned.
2. The usual attribution of the work to Leonardo is now disputed by several experts.
3. The new formulation is based on attribution theory.
4. The method of attribution by provenance works best with coinages of a small scale or a low value, such as bronze coinage.
5. It is perhaps in the field of attribution that this catalogue serves the most useful purpose.
6. The same sort of attribution, of urges out of control, is a recurring theme in the reporting of school violence.
6. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
7. He questioned the attribution of the painting to Picasso.
8. Initially estimate the attribution of the ingredients in blood-serum.
9. Its ethics road is anomie and attribution.
10. When things go well, the self-serving attribution bias, we'll credit ourselves.
11. The attribution or attribution ratio of multi-component data are the effective parameters for the abnormal indictor at gas reservoir exploring.
12. One can query the phone number attribution process, support for the latest segment number.
13. There's usually a lot of attribution of evil intent to those who have different views.
14. Function: mobile phones and fixed telephone area code attribution to inquiries.
15. The attribution to King Tut's tomb appears to confirm speculations that several objects were stolen, ending up in foreign collections.
16. Methods Attribution approach or factor analysis, causal analysis and induction were adopted.
17. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike 2.1 Japan License.
18. This work is licensed a Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial - NoDerivs 2.5 China License.
19. What the interpersonal attribution mean is that subject infer the object still in dating and also their personal action as well as the current relationship situation.
20. It is particularly interested in fashionable mainstream topics,( like attribution theory and new technology.
21. In superb condition and in its original frame, it defied attribution.
22. Modern security law is the development trend "from the attribution to use, " namely, the legislative focus from ownership rights law to usufructuary rights and security interests.
23. Objective : To explore the relation between junior students self - handicapping and attribution.
24. Recently, the Fiscal Affairs Committee of OECD tried to develop a new method of attribution of profits to permanent establishment.
25. This article bases on the dimension of psychology, redefines and surveys managerial decision from a particular perspective of attribution bias.
26. On the basis of analysis on the problem mentioned above, the article tries to study the problem of Attribution of Profits to a Permanent Establishment in context of E-Commerce.
27. Articles in this site is licensed a Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.
28. How explain oneself and behavior of others, and how the explanation influence motivation, mood, this is the attribution theory, one kind of psychology theory.
29. If you carelessly cite a source or inadvertently copy a sentence in toto without adequate attribution, you run the risk of being accused of plagiarism.
30. Self - plagiarism involves copying from one's own work without proper attribution.
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