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Stellar in a sentence

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Similar words: cellarsmell a rattellcollartell onforetellall aroundumbrellaMeaning: ['stelə(r)]  adj. 1. indicating the most important performer or role 2. being or relating to or resembling or emanating from stars. 
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1) The crash of the whole solar and stellar systems could only kill you once. 
2) A stellar wind streams outward from the star.
3) McKellen gave a stellar performance .
4) The French companies are registering stellar profits.
5) Parallax is not the only method of measuring stellar distances.
6) On some planets orbiting these stellar furnaces skies beget clouds, oceans fill with water and, sometimes,[] life begins.
7) The flare-like component of a stellar corona is, of course, spectrally harder than the active-region-like component.
8) The stellar sphere, owing to its vast distance from earth, needed no epicycles because its movement appeared regular and unchanging.
9) The pastrami offering at Langer's Deli is a stellar example of hot sandwich achievement.
10) Initially the gravitational self-attraction of the stellar material leads to large internal pressures and temperatures which can ignite thermonuclear burning.
11) Lynch and Weisz make a stellar pairing, while every bloke in it is either abusive, a sleazeball or a perv.
12) Bacon could argue that Antichrist would invoke stellar influences and magic words having the power to produce physical effects.
13) If it is because of your stellar performance, perhaps the favoritism indicates that you are a rising star in the organization.
14) Their approach is informal and Physics of Stellar Evolution and Cosmology reads like a scientific detective story.
15) Stellar passings can perturb the orbits of comets.
16) There's a stand-up comedian, and my sources tell me he is about to go stellar.
17) It was realized very early on that interactions involving isotropic stellar winds had serious inherent problems involving energy.
18) Just follow our simple step-by-step guide now and unleash the stellar power of your mobile phone.
19) These collectors, plus Barbara Johnston, were in any case in the market for the stellar pieces.
20) The most energetic waves likely to be observed on Earth are those due to stellar collapse in our Galaxy.
21) From earliest time, mad had concluded that the forces that govern planetary and stellar movements must also control events on earth.
22) The increase in the incomes of elite workers is only relative; it does not result from their own stellar economic gains.
23) Last year, soaring demand for computer products helped the majority of computer, software and chip companies post stellar earnings.
24) As far as we know, matter on the large scale, and in particular stellar matter, appears to be nearly neutral.
25) This was expected to be a clue to changes in stellar magnetic fields.
26) We are continuously bombarded by cosmic rays, atomic particles ejected by distant stellar catastrophes.
27) Mary was a one-book wonder who failed to live up to her stellar parentage and early promise.
28) However, the Santa Clara semiconductor giant had cautioned analysts not to expect stellar results.
29) Or sit in a tiny planetarium for an introduction to the rudiments of stellar navigation.
30) Since the weekend usually drains us of both energy and options, Monday is traditionally not a stellar day for entertainment.
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