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Asia minor in a sentence

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Similar words: asiaAsiandysphasiacasinoeuthanasiasoutheast asiaminorminorityMeaning: n. a peninsula in southwestern Asia that forms the Asian part of Turkey. 
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(1) The rich provinces of Asia Minor were plundered by the invaders.
(2) An town of Asia Minor on the Asiatic coast of the Hellespont in modern day Turkey .
(3) Situated on the road from Asia Minor to India, it preserves the traces of ancient cultures and religions including Zoroastrianism , Buddhism and Islam.
(4) An ancient town of Asia Minor on the Asiatic coast of the Hellespont in modern-day Turkey. It was the scene of the legendary tale of Hero and Leander.
(5) There's some debate about exactly what part of Asia Minor he's referring to because there are different parts that were called Galatia.
(6) An inland sea surrounded by Europe, Asia, Asia Minor, the Near East, and Africa.
(7) An ancient town of Asia Minor on the Asiatic coast of the Hellespont in modern day Turkey .
(8) According to tradition, Nicholas was born in Asia Minor ( modern - day Turkey ) in about A . D . 270.
(9) He went east because of problems in Asia Minor perpetrated by Mithridates VI of Pontus, who had designs on territory within Rome's sphere of influence.
(10) He defeated the Persian Army in Asia Minor at Granicus, the Battle of Granicus, in 334.
(11) Asia minor(A peninsula of western Asia between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It is generally coterminous with Asian Turkey and is usually considered synonymous with Anatolia.
(12) The potter's wheel was invented in Asia Minor around 6500 BC.
(13) Handed down Santa Claus is same year Asia minor Bishop Mi Lacheng thesaint Nicolas's incarnation.
(14) An ancient Lycian city of southern Asia Minor. A major seaport, it was one of the chief cities of the region.
(15) An ancient city of northwest Asia Minor near the Dardanelles River.
(16) That the mission became universal was due to the conversion and work of a Pharisaic Jew from Asia Minor, Paul.
(17) It is also possible that viticultural knowledge reached Greece via Asia Minor or Thrace.
(18) Persia already numbered among its conquests the Greek cities of Ionia in Asia Minor, where Greek civilization first flourished.
(19) King Midas was a famous king from Phrygia in Asia Minor.
(20) Cybele : The Phrygian goddess of nature of ancient asia Minor.
(21) The concept of the American Santa Claus originated with St. Nicholas, who was born in Asia Minor in 280 A.D. He was known as a kind, benevolent man; indeed made a saint because of his generosity.
(22) To the west, the Normans have taken southern Italy, and in the east the Seljuk Turks have moved into Asia Minor after their decisive and terrible victory at Manzikert.
(23) There are two views on the Indo-European Hittites migrating into Asia Minor, i. e. the way of Caucasus Mountains and the way of Black Sea Channels.
(24) Montanism was a prophetic movement that broke out in Phrygia in Roman Asia Minor (Turkey) around 172.
(25) Subsequent to the military campaign of Alexander the Great in the fourth century BCE, Mithra became the "favorite deity" of Asia Minor. Christian writers Dr. Samuel Jackson and George W.
(26) Romans encountered worship of the deity Mithras as part of Zoroastrianism in the eastern provinces of the empire, particularly in Asia Minor (now modern Turkey).
(27) The left wing of the Mohammedan armies took possession of Spain, The right wing meanwhile made for Constantinople by way of Syria and Asia Minor.
(28) Her most celebrated statue in ancient times was that by Praxiteles at Cnidus, on the coast of Asia Minor.
(29) Even the gargantuan Medes could not defeat them and the Greeks of Ionia suffered the same fate as the rest of Asia Minor.
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