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Sunni in a sentence

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Sentence count:79Posted:2017-03-24Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: sunnycunningrunningstunningbunnyfunnysunfunnelMeaning: n. 1. a member of the branch of Islam that accepts the first four caliphs as rightful successors to Muhammad 2. one of the two main branches of orthodox Islam. 
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1. This is a fundamental difference between Sunni and Shita.
2. Islam has two main sects: the Sunnis and the Shias.
3. The three remaining Sunni factions were said to be refusing to talk to Kabul.
4. The distinction between Sunni and Shiite persists to this day.
5. The Qataris are mainly Sunni "Wahhabi" Muslims.
6. Government officials believe Sunni extremists are to blame.
7. A suspected Sunni insurgent is arrested inside his home.
8. The new defense minister is a Sunni Arab.
9. The regime regards all three predominantly Sunni Muslim towns as hostile and continues to claim that foreign-backed extremists inside them are driving ever-escalating violence.
10. The "Twelver" Shi'a, Sunni, and Druze each have state-appointed clerical bodies to administer family and personal status law through their own religious courts, which are subsidised by the State.
11. Its distinctive characteristics , which differ from Sunni Islam today, are mostly originated from this period.
12. The Sunni compose about 90 percent of present - day Islam.
13. Sunni Muslim insurgents are being blamed for the blasts that killed at least 88 people.
14. The dominant form of Sunni Islam among Pakistan's non-Pashtun population is the Barelvi movement, which accommodates many of the rites and practices of Sufism.
15. But it finds some progress in Sunni insurgents fighting al - Qaeda.
16. A Sunni Muslim group, Jundollah (God's soldiers), claimed responsibility for that blast and Iran said the group operated from Pakistan.
17. The key is that, unlike last time, the Sunni Arabs are expected to vote en masse.
18. Some towns in the province have a record of Shia - Sunni enmity.
19. Authorities in Iraq say unidentified gunmen have killed a Sunni Arab tribal chief, three of his sons and a close relative.
20. This reminds us how al-Qaida was always only one of scores of radical groups that together constituted the dynamic, varied and evolving phenomenon of Sunni Muslim violent extremism.
21. He has begun tentatively tackling the lethal ShiaH militias, now as much a scourge as the Sunni insurgents.
22. Others fled to Saudi Arabia where they were influenced by Wahhabism, a branch within Sunni Islam that is considered extremist even by many Sunni and Shia Muslims.
22. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
23. The papal nuncio called on Al-Azhar, the highest seat of learning in the Sunni Muslim world, to refute the Byzantine emperor's argument.
24. The Ak-Sray-Ding Tower is located in the northern Turkmenistan town of Kunya Urgench and has become an important Sunni Muslim pilgrimage site.
25. The Assad regime is dominated by the Alawite minority, an offshoot of Shiite Islam, but the country is overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim.
26. He established numerous mosques and madrasah in order further the spread of Sunni beliefs.
27. The core of the insurgency is made up of Sunni Muslim militants who oppose the polls.
28. To the east was the Afghan Taliban, a regime that espoused a ruthless brand of Sunni Islam and viewed Iran's Shia Muslim leaders as heretics.
29. Fallon also said a largely Iraqi-led security presence along the Syrian border crossing has cut off a major transit route for al-Qaida-linked fighters, who are predominantly Sunni.
30. Aides to a radical Shiite Muslim cleric meet with a key Sunni group in Iraq to ease sectarian tensions amid a spree of violence that's killed hundreds.
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