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Appeasement in a sentence

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Sentence count:30Posted:2017-03-19Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: calmingSimilar words: appeasebasementabasementappeasingamusementchastisementendorsementadvertisementMeaning: [-mənt]  n. the act of appeasing (as by acceding to the demands of). 
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1 Music is an appeasement to shattered nerves.
2 Appeasement has come home to roost.
3 Appeasement of dictators, said the president, led to wide scale bloodshed.
4 The congressional proslavery compromises had brought only temporary appeasement.
5 Appeasement caused by blindness was followed by delaying tactics and doublespeak intended to buy time.
6 All dieters have the problem of appetite appeasement.
7 He denied there is a policy of appeasement.
8 There can be no appeasement with ruthlessness.
9 Situation serious request your managerial there for appeasement before damage develop beyond cure.
10 Contemporary appeasement arises from the same source as the sell-out at Munich: amorality,[] the failure to adhere to higher principles.
11 During the Munich crisis, U.S.A. pursued the appeasement policy to Nazi Germany.
12 They have already been accused of appeasement by more militant organisations.
13 Our hardliners call it appeasement to feed them when actually it is far cheaper to do so than to loose the dogs of war.
14 The epitome of the policy of appeasement was the Munich agreement of 30 September 1938.
15 In the appeasement of the glutton they have to practise much stimulation.
16 Many were also scarred by memories of appeasement in the 1930 s.
17 The idea that the peace movement was responsible for the National Government's policy of appeasement will not withstand examination.
18 It also raises to higher and more dangerous levels the problems associated with the long pattern of appeasement.
19 And then only because he, Verisof, had balked at further appeasement.
20 Sometimes it makes sense; sometimes it doesn't; sometimes not talking can be appeasement.
21 In the army generals, former platoon, company, battalion, brigade, Longdong appeasement commander, commander.
22 It was here that the Munich Agreement was signed, which handed a chunk of Czechoslovakia to Germany and which led to British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain being accused of appeasement.
23 Japanese parliamentarians applauded, demonstrating Japanese domestic endorsement for the new line of appeasement between the neighbors.
24 He should be treated with due seriousness — despite that " appeasement " over Iraq.
25 It would allow the sharp - witted time to choose appeasement, defence or possibly even pre - emptive attack.
26 The policy died away , in 1930's it was instead of the Appeasement Poicy.
27 President Bush earlier this month told the Israeli Knesset that negotiations with terrorists and radicals amounted to appeasement.
28 Its first proper chairman, Neville Chamberlain, was discredited in many people's eyes by appeasement, but he was the first Tory leader to dedicate himself systematically to welfare questions.
29 Munich, the 1938 Hitler - Chamberlain meeting that now symbolizes the idea of appeasement.
30 The pundits who discuss these matters in cyberspace roll their eyes at such " appeasement ".
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