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Ambivalent in a sentence

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Similar words: ambivalenceequivalenttalentedmalevolentmalevolentlyrivalambitiousambiguousMeaning: [-nt]  adj. uncertain or unable to decide about what course to follow. 
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31. As producers, their views will be more ambivalent, depending on whether they work in sunset or sunrise industries.
32. But elements of a more ambivalent, productive, associative approach to signification also exist within feminist psychology.
33. However, he has been ambivalent on the military budget, overall.
34. Both husband and wife are undecided and somewhat ambivalent about having a child, or buying a house.
35. John Kennedy was even more ambivalent about the Shah than Eisenhower had been.
36. The feminist response to abortion as a moral problem has been ambivalent.
37. One of the consequences of this is an ambivalent attitude to black immigrants.
38. Ancient mythology points up many of the ambivalent feelings people still have about the sea or the deep.
39. So it adds up to something ambivalent about him, so much so that I have to wonder.
40. Society is ambivalent about recognising that elderly people have a legitimate wish to continue to express their sexuality in physical ways.
41. There always had been ambivalent feelings between father and oldest son.
42. Many members of the parish were profoundly ambivalent about the protest.
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43. Blaming the victim However, the moral status of the victim is often portrayed as ambivalent in murder trials.
44. The majority were favourably disposed, some were ambivalent and a few highly critical of the messages and their style.
45. At the beginning of the popular health system many people had an ambivalent attitude to traditional herbal remedies.
46. They are sure to find something ambivalent about your sexuality and an unflattering anecdote about a nun.
47. Saconi was in there at one of the tables, blithe and ambivalent in the diffused natural light.
48. Individuals are often so ambivalent about trying to restore a relationship that they back away without making an effort.
49. The effect is a much more ambivalent and less fixed positioning of subjectivity.
50. The first concerns her obsession with purity and her ambivalent attitude towards it.
51. And though there were plenty of strong opinions, much of the parish still seemed profoundly ambivalent about the protest.
52. Nicholson remained fairly ambivalent about the thought of having a son, mainly, he explained, because of Anspach's attitude.
53. At the moment, the public has a rather ambivalent attitude toward science.
54. So the chaotic sea has an ambivalent character as well, like the sea, its visible expression.
55. Wasn't it possible that his sexuality was much more ambivalent than he had let on?
56. I've always had a rather ambivalent attitude towards something happening to my father, and it persists.
57. Some people can be ambivalent in this way for years.
58. All this must have raised in the laity ambivalent feelings.
59. Equally ambivalent were local attitudes to the wholesale billeting in Sussex of regular troops and other county militias during invasion scares.
60. Britons ambivalent about Charles remarrying.
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