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Malevolence in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2016-10-18Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: benevolenceSimilar words: malevolentlybenevolentambivalenceobsolescenceevolvemalefemalerevolvingMeaning: [mə'levələns]  n. 1. wishing evil to others 2. the quality of threatening evil. 
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1) It was an act of great malevolence.
2) The first, bored to malevolence, shat round.
3) This is a portrayal of malevolence on a grand scale.
4) If you are malevolent, you will attract malevolence.
5) Pollux: " ... dignified malevolence and is connected with poisons."
6) For all its malevolence, the Soviet empire was like a Ponzi scheme, dependent on ever-increasing amounts of money.
7) Of the three Republic warships pursuing the Malevolence, the lead ship is General Skywalker's Resolute. As a flagship, it has red conning towers.
8) What malevolence you must have to wish to convince me that there is no happiness in the world!
9) Whether with 4)malevolence, or with grief, or sadness, I don't know, but he didn't welcome the question.
10) I've also included the particularly unpleasant articles - sheer malevolence - written by Jehova's Witnesses.
11) Certainly they impute to the accused a degree of mystical malevolence just like that implied in witchcraft charges.
12) Or it might well be that the physician was not careful then, as at all other times[], to hide the malevolence with which he looked upon his victim.
13) Rugosa's color palette in early development was more red in hue, but the use of that color for the Abregado system in "Rising Malevolence " caused Supervising Director Dave Filoni to change its color.
14) Notice there were several lulls in our space program as we found out new things, and then geared up to take into account the malevolence of outer space.
15) I had always been aware of a frame of malevolence under his urbanity.
16) It would be such a tragedy if TB, by some malevolence of fate, turned into the greatest President of Europe we never had.
17) But these models can't resolve the effect on trust value because of malevolence recommendation.
18) There is a world of difference between simple human error and premeditated malevolence.
19) Yet even as Eva recounts evidence of her son's malevolence at a young age, the reader is left with a galling question: would Kevin have fared better if his mother loved him more?
20) I think they keep changing the rules mostly out of boredom but, in Marvin's case, I sense a certain underlying malevolence.
21) Clone pilot Broadside was last seen in the Season One episode "Shadow of Malevolence".
22) to my disordered reason all the more terrifying for that,( as the approach of some blind and mindless malevolence to which is no appeal.
23) He could be a hater—anyone who failed to perceive the genius of his hero Aneurin Bevan, whose biography he wrote, had best look out—but he was incapable of sustained malevolence.
24) The sites of prior school massacres are etched on our minds, a symbolic shorthand for the violence and malevolence that none of us can comprehend.
25) This simple phrase has been spoken many times throughout the James Bond film series, always laced with malevolence and hatred.
26) The love of scandal is an expression of this general malevolence any story against another woman is instantly believed , even on the flimsiest evidence .
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